Baby Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx

  • 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Most versatile stroller on the market today, the City Select was designed to keep your family rolling as it grows from one child to two
  • Now sold with the Second Seat Kit included, the City Select Double is allows parents to mix and match seats, bassinets and car seats to suit their family’s needs
  • Over 16 different combinations from double tiered car seats to a bassinet and single seat combo (Car Seats, Bassinet Kits and accessories – sold separately)

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Jogger City Select with 2nd Seat, Onyx Reviews

Things to consider when buying your first stroller! (By Han Skysolo)

As a new parent finding the right stroller can be a long, and somewhat stressful process. There are literally hundreds you can choose from, ranging from a few hundred dollars to thousands! Many people think of a stroller as a “car” for babies – do you want a Mercedes or a Kia, and what can you afford? I’ve found some pretty good resources for deciding on the best stroller, including a site that lets you do side-by-side comparison of features (it’s called justafax , you can google it) if you go there you’ll see a stoller section that compares some of the top strollers side-by-side.

some of the most important features I was looking for were if the stroller could fold as a double (which means if you have twins, will it still fold up), and also if the seat is reversible. For example, some seats will literally spin, while others the handle will simple move from one side to the other. I really liked the ability to compare features side-by-side, as often things can get confusing.

I recommend taking a quick look at the site, at least for a little information.

Some other things to consider are whether or not you’ll be using the stroller a lot in the an urban environment, vs a rural environment. If, for example, you only take the baby(s) out on a walk occasionally, getting a stroller that has simple foam tires may be enough. In my opinion, I’d go for a stroller with foam-filled rubber (if you’re a bit more active like me), as it gives the support of a rubber wheel without having to worry about popping a flat.

Another important aspect to your stroller which few consider is it’s ability to grow with the baby as the baby grows.
Often for the first few months of birth your baby will be using the car-seat as the primary mode of mobile-protection both inside and outside the car. You want to make sure that you are happy with the car-seat, and that the on you choose either matches the stroller you buy, or is compatible with it. Some brands only allow their own car-seats to work with their strollers, so be aware of that when making your decision!

Lastly the most important thing to consider is the overall weight of the stroller, as you’ll be needing to lug this in-and-out of your vehicle on a regular basis. Many people get enamored by the size and storage of some strollers, without considering weight.

Anyway, I hope this information can help you decide on the best stroller to fit your needs, good luck and congratulations, you’re a parent!

Our 2 year old is 36″ tall and looks like she has about 2-4 inches of comfort left – … (By Amazon Customer)

We bought this stroller when we had our 3rd child, so we had a 4 year old, 2 year old and infant. I was looking for more flexibility because sometimes I need a double stroller and sometimes I just need a single stroller. We have a City Mini Double GT, and Single GT. We are keeping those strollers.

There is no way the 4 year old can sit in it at all. She stands at 45″. Our 2 year old is 36″ tall and looks like she has about 2-4 inches of comfort left – so another year maybe. Her feet already come to the bottom of the bar. The baby (4 mos) loves the seat and seems very comfortable because you can recline her to whatever angle she wants – a very comfortable play angle. I really like the seat for her and love the fact we can turn her to face us. She is the biggest fan of the stroller by far.

It is very versatile, however, not convenient. It is heavy. It requires many parts and many “accessories”. It takes up the entire trunk space in our small suv, and you have to take the infant adaptor attachment off. It also takes up more space in the back of the mini van. There are too many steps for packing it up in and out of the car. With the City GT, you take it out, open it and put the car seat on it or the child in it and go. With the City Select, you unfold it. Clip in the car seat attachment clip in the car seat. IF you want the second seat, then you have to attach 2 arms, the seat, the car seat attachment, then the car seat. When you put the kids in the car, then you are taking 4 pieces off of the stroller each time you put it in the car.

We are electing to stick with the City Mini GT and a Bjorn if the 2 year old wants to stroll.

Swiss Army Stroller! (By Big Dawg)

We have been in the hunt for the perfect dual stroller, we realized quickly that our recent purchase of the BOB Duallie and the Vine Thule Glide 2 (both excellent strollers) wasn’t going to work with our vehicle for daily use due size of our cargo space, removing the wheels every time we have to load the stroller in wasn’t going to be an option.

The Baby Jogger City Select is near perfect, we really like the solid build quality and the multiple configuration settings and the smaller form factor when folded. We have a 2 y/o and another one coming, I will need to purchase a Britax B-safe adaptor which runs around $20, not bad, but could be cheaper. Once I receive the adaptors and run a test fit, I will update my review.

Initial installation was a bit tricky, packaging was nice and compact which means but plenty of the pieces were separated. It all came together eventually, but comparing it with the out of the box configuration of the BOB and Thule which just required the wheels to be installed, this was difficult. Adjusting the seats is very easy, the release buttons are easy to press and disengage for an adult.

Here’s my breakdown:

1. Multiple configuration settings.
2. Solid build.
3. Comfy ride.
4. Telescoping handle bar.
5. Easy to remove and re-install the seats.
6. Compact size when folded.

1. A bit on the heavy side.
2. Locking when folding is not automatic, you have to manually engage.

Worth mentioning:
1. Seats can not be folded flat, however the entire seat can be laid down like a gravity type seat.
Folding requires you to use 2 hands at the same time to engage the release, 1 handed fold would be nice, but I understand they most likely did this because of the weight of the stroller.
3. My 2y/o fits perfectly in the stroller, I am afraid this stroller might get too small too quickly.

Overall, this is like a Swiss Army Knife of stroller, I just wish it has a nail cutter built in :). My planned configuration is to face the 2y/o in a front facing with the carseat rear facing in the back of the stroller.

UPDATE: I purchased the wrong adaptor from Amazon BJ90326, it did not work with the B-safe car seat, it sat too low and I could not set the toddler seat front facing without force (see pic). If you need the Britax adaptor, make sure you order BJ90331.

UPDATE 2: July 2015
We now have the newer Britax B-safe Elite 35 infant seat, again we have the fit problems on this stroller. The carseat will fit, but its very loose on the mount, its a bit unsettling, but it doesn’t look like it will fall. In addition with the front seat is facing forward, the B-safe barely fits, I need to shove the front seat forward that will almost puts the seat uncomfortably forward. I am afraid with our use the front seat fabric will rip with more use.

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom

  • Nylon, Metal
  • Imported
  • Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 baby trend, Graco snugride classic fit and britax infant car seats to make a travel system
  • Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large basket and easy compact fold for easy transportation or storage

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Tandem Stroller, Phantom Reviews

Great for two (By Rachael E. Sheridan)

I have two children 4 years apart. We use this stroller primarily for shopping (long walks in the mall) and for walks around our neighborhood. My infant daughter uses her Graco car seat when she’s in the stroller and it fits perfectly in the front or back. My 4-year-old son enjoys being able to choose whether he sits in front or back. The cup holders and support bar interchange very easily to accommodate the carseat. The only thing I don’t like about it is the lack of sun shade for the child in the back position. Since we live in Arizona, we get pretty intense sunshine. We fixed this issue by using the clamp-on umbrellas we bought for the wagon. I can maneuver them to cover the kids from any angle. The folding mechanism is super easy to use, but it won’t stand up on its own. This is just a minor inconvenience. What I like best about this stroller is its compact size when it’s folded up. I can fit it in the back of my Prius wiith room to spare for when we go shopping. I love this stroller.

Sturdy, Easy to maneuver (By Arthur Bilaos)

Sturdy, Easy to maneuver, fast to fold and to open, meets all my expectations! Recommended for parents that have toddler and baby.


Updating: 1 minor set back to be aware: the stroller can tip backward when you have the baby or baby carrier on the back and the front passenger gets out of the front sit or you park the stroller up hill. Don’t have too many bags on the back either. What I did to counter bak
Lance the wt is having your bag or something heavy in the cargo basket I also tried using the gym wristband or ankle band weight and wrapped it around the center if the stroller and take it off before folding. Works like a charm.

Originally I got the Joovy Ultralight b/c it said 21lbs so I thought it was light. OMG it’s 28.2 lbs (both mfr and my scale) and you can’t place the baby carrier on the back (tandem) if your toddler wants to sit in the front instead of standing up. So I returned it. I did some more research and decided to get Baby Trend ultra sit and stand. I couldn’t wait for shipping so I got one at Target for same price and 5% off for using their red card.

I have a nearly 3 yo and an infant. My daughter flip flopping where she wants to sit (front or stand up in the back). With Joovy i couldnt put my new born on the back. Thanks god for Baby Trend that we have an option to put the baby in the front or back and the infant car seat clip onto the tray and have buckles and bar on the back to hold onto the infant carrier. I have a graco snugride 35 and it fits perfectly. I decided to go with this Baby Trend due to the age of my kids age different. When my new born turns 1.5 or 2 to use the front seat then my toddler would be 5 who would listen better (pray to god she would). If you have 2 kids close to age and young then you should need double stroller not tandem so they can rest.

This is heavy 26 lbs but lighter than joovy (28.2lbs).
It folds up nicer than Joovy and very very sturdy made. It took me 5 min to put take out of box and put wheels together. That’s all to it. Overall it’s better than Joovy UltraLIght and cheaper (139.99) However I suggested before you would order from any where, go to the Target they have this new version than babiesrus and check it out by bring your kids to try out.

Item steers smooth
plenty of room
item wt is average
Sturdy made product
love the cups holder
love the tray that baby carrier can clips onto the tray
easy to fold/unfold
Fit well in the trunk of my VW jetta (2014 where trunk is smaller than previous models)
Price cheaper than other brands
Easy to assemble (5 min for me)

Warning: If you have 2 younger kids with age close to each other then better off with double stroller so they can rest. If you have 1 kid 2 and older and one is new born or 3 and older and a 2 yo or younger this is ok.

Love this stroller and I’m able to use our chicco … (By Catherine)

Love this stroller and I’m able to use our chicco key fit car seat with it. Would’ve given it 5 stars but it does not stand up on its own when it’s folded and you can not fold it with the tray in the back (which needs to be in place in order to put the infant car seat in the back) You have to put the tray in everytime and then take it off before you fold it up. Otherwise it’s great. I have a 22 month old and a 3 month old.

so now I feel like I can give a very thorough review of the … (By Elizabeth)

I’ve had this stroller for 3 months now and it’s gotten a LOT of use, so now I feel like I can give a very thorough review of the pro’s and con’s of this stroller.

I bought this stroller because I took my two kids (4 and 1 1/2) to Russia for the summer. I avoided putting it together for about 2 weeks but finally I bit the bullet, and realized that it was ridiculously easy to assemble. It took me less than 10 minutes and it was mainly snapping things in place. I don’t recall using any tools. The stroller first showed its promise at the airport – I could haul a LOT of stuff with this thing! But I noticed from the beginning that its steering ability was a little difficult. Maybe this is true for all tandem double strollers. It folds up relatively easy — for a double stroller, I’m impressed with how compactly it folds (but, of course, don’t be surprised that it doesn’t fold down as small as a single stroller).

The concept of putting the smaller child in the front and the older child can sit or stand in the back is just fantastic. My 4 year old is very thin, so the seatbelt in the backseat is kind of a joke – it’s way too big and doesn’t provide any protection. Putting stuff in the basket in the bottom is a little annoying – even though bulky things will fit, it’s hard to cram it in through the space between the front and back seats. It’s not built for the uneven sidewalks and streets of Eastern Europe. I’d say out of the majority of families, we’ve used this stroller in somewhat harsh conditions and were underwhelmed with its maneuverability. But if you’re planning on buying this stroller for use in the US at your typical handicap-accessible places (malls, grocery stores, etc), you should be just fine.
You may want to develop some upper body strength because this thing is NOT easy to push with about 60lbs worth of children (total! not each), but it’s certainly worth having.

The umbrella did snap off after about 3 weeks of use, which was disappointing. The cover for the little storage area by the handle bar snapped off after about 2 months of use – it snapped back on but doesn’t close right. One of the wheels is very, very squeaky and nothing we do helps.

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial

  • Designed for children from 6-50 pounds (each child) and no more than 42″ tall
  • Multi-position seat recline with 5-point safety harness
  • 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain, rubber pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Locking front swivel wheels with foot-activated rear brake system and quick and easy compact fold

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger, Centennial Reviews

Overall I love it, there’s just the one thing… (By Emily)

I knew from reading reviews (on this stroller and on different-colored versions of the same model) that there might be a problem with the front wheel shaking. When I was assembling the stroller, I made sure to tighten the nuts on either side of the wheel as tightly as possible– finger-tightening won’t work, you need to use a wrench or two pairs of pliers to make sure there’s not a gap beside the wheel. The first two times I jogged with it, I had no problems at all. The third time, it did the shaking thing a couple of times when I would start to go faster. I don’t think it has anything to do with the nuts on either side of the wheel after all, because those were still tight. I guess it must be an issue with the wheel’s attachment to the foot-rest frame, but I can’t tell exactly what the issue is… I followed the directions and tightened the bolt there as well.

BUT… if you lock the wheel so it doesn’t swivel, there’s no more problem with shaking. And a lot of jogging strollers don’t have front wheels that swivel anyway, so it’s not that big of a deal. I can unlock the wheel so it swivels when we’re just walking, and lock it when I want to run faster. Not a huge problem.

Everything else about the stroller, I love. It’s easy to fold and unfold. The seats recline individually to different levels (so my 7-month-old can be more reclined than my almost-3-year-old). The angle of the sun shade can be adjusted to still shield your kids’ eyes even if you’re walking toward the sun, and there’s a mesh window so I can see them while we’re walking/running with the shade open (but you can also cover the window for maximum sun protection if you want). There are big pockets behind the seats as well as a storage bin underneath.
The handles are comfortable to grip, and the mp3 player speakers are a fun touch. I like the colors too.

A couple things that aren’t a problem for me, but might be for you:
- There’s not a tray attachment for the kids, but I just attached a Munchkin brand cup-holder to the side for my toddler’s water bottle (I can still fold it up without un-attaching it).
- It does NOT fit through standard doorways. It’s just an inch or so too wide. We use this stroller as our primary "outside stroller" (we keep it in the garage), and our sit-and-stand for our primary "inside stroller." This probably is NOT a good stroller to use as your primary stroller if you’re going to use it in doctor’s offices, stores, etc. It’s just a bit too wide– though very easy to maneuver when the front wheels are unlocked.

Before I got this stroller, I borrowed the larger Baby Trend double jogger from a friend– the Navigator, the one with two front wheels– and I like this one better. That one has separate sun-shades for each kid (though I don’t know why that would be necessary) and does have tray attachments. But it’s even wider than this one, and bulkier and heavier too. I believe that one does have the ability to snap in car seats, though, which you can’t do with this one.

Love it FOR NOW! (By Ginny)

Easy to assemble, took 5 minutes.
Does NOT fit through a doorway, which is GOOD if you want your kids to have enough room to sit in it as toddlers!
Seats individually recline/adjust to upright position. (So my baby can sleep and my toddler can be up and observing everything).
VERY compact
Speakers for iPod hook up
Cupholders and storage underneath for snacks/drinks while jogging/at the park
Wheels seem to be good quality, not cheap, hard plastic but tire-like. Good for trail running.
Front wheel locks into place which helps while jogging, the front “shakey” wheel is not an issue while it’s locked. Unlocked position is good for outside mall shopping or walking around sightseeing. Very easy to maneuver and good range of motion, easy to turn on a dime when not locked.

Not a lot of growing room!
I went with this one because it was low-budget and advertised that it fit through a doorway. IDK why that seemed important, but I’m glad it is actually false because that is just too squished to allow for growing room. This jogger works well for now with my 7 month old and the 3 year old kind of spilling into the little one’s side. We’ll see in a year if it still works. I wish I would have been able to sit them in it and judge the room they have. I feel like my older one will just grow like a weed and not fit comfortably after a year. As it is, if you notice the foot board is a triangle shape, so my older one’s outside foot doesn’t have a place to rest. Her legs are LONG and could potentially just catch that wheel pretty soon. I was hoping for a jogger that would last at least 2 years. Maybe jogging with a 5 year old in a stroller is out of the question? IDK But I would recommend looking for reviews from parents with older children to make sure you get something that they can stay in as they grow. That was my biggest thing.

Great stroller, built in speakers, good for running or casual use. (By Mom of 3)

Love this stroller! A few things that it does not mention in description:
1. This stroller DOES come with built in speakers! They are great and loud enough for me to hear while running and yet not too loud to disturb anyone nearby.
2. (It might say this somewhere, especially in the instructions, but I did not read it so I am just going to make sure I post it here for others like me!) ;) MAKE SURE YOU FILL TIRES BEFORE USING! The stroller is shipped with flat tires. You have to fill them after you put it together. (I ran with my 5 year old and 2 year old for 3 miles before realizing that they were flat!)
3. My 5 year old is almost 50 lbs and my 2 year old is about 30. It is a MUCH easier run without my 5 year old. She fits GREAT in the seat and for other purposes of use, this stroller is perfect for that age group. But, for running, it was tough with her in it.

I LOVE this stroller. My oldest child is 9 and youngest is 2. If I had bought this stroller when my son was a baby, I think it would still be in great shape! Love the way that it folds up in the car. Even with limited trunk space, you could fit this great stroller!

I have not had ANY problems fitting through doors. Sometimes it is a tight squeeze, but it does fit.


LOVE THIS STROLLER!! The kids love it too. I’ve read reviews about these strollers having a vibrating front wheel with jogging. First of all, it says right on the instructions to lock front wheel when jogging. Secondly, the stroller has instructions on tightening a bolt if it does ever does vibrate. It simply needs to be tightened. Pretty easy. I would also like to point out Amazon has inconsistent sizing information for these strollers. All the current Baby Trend Expedition Double Joggers are the same weight, width, and length. I checked it out on the Baby Trend website. Standard door way is 32 inches and these are 32.5 inches. So it wont fit. But hallways, etc, it maneuvers just fine! This stroller is pretty narrow and feels much like a single stroller when pushing. Lastly, I bought the InStep rain shield for the double jogger and it fits great. When not in use, I have it folded in the back pocket of the stroller. The only part that doesn’t fit exact is where the cup holder is attached. But I plan on removing this (held on by two screws) and replace it with the BOB double stroller cup holder made of cloth. That cup holder system makes more sense with water bottles sitting lower in the holder verses higher up. Once I make that switch, the rain shield will fit perfect. I hope this information will help others.

Baby Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Envy Green Review

Baby Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Envy Green

  • 7 seating configurations – Options Elite seats easily remove and can be configured in any way that works the parent with two in tow
  • Accommodates up to 2 Infant Car Seats – includes one Universal Car Seat Adapter that fits over 10 different car seats – brand specific “click-in” adapters can be purchased separately
  • The Contours Options Elite easily folds with both seats on, auto locks and stands on its own
  • Canopies have mesh peek-a-boo windows and expandable zipper mesh for maximum coverage
  • Handle bumps and cracks in the sidewalk with ease with the shock-absorbing rubber coated EVA rear wheels
  • Standing Fold
  • Parent Cup Holder
  • Reclining Seats and Adjustable Footrest
  • Large Storage Basket with Zipper Side Access
  • Child Mesh Pockets

Baby Double Stroller: Contours Options Elite Tandem Stroller, Envy Green Reviews

Works the same (if not better) than pricier tandem strollers that cost hundreds more! (By Sarah Youngman)

I am a current stay-at-home mom to a 3-year-old and a 1-year old, I am also five months pregnant with our third child. Needless to say, a double stroller is a MUST HAVE in this family. We have two double strollers that I am quite fond of, a tandem and a side-by-side jogger. Both have served their purpose well, but both were quite costly. I was given the opportunity to test this stroller and I jumped at it. I really wanted to see how it measured up to my pricey double strollers. First off, let me say that I was skeptical. The base price of my pricey tandem stroller (which looks quite similar and has the same ability to switch the seats around) is around $500. This doesn’t include what I paid to add a second seat, child tray, cup holder and car seat adapter. After all the extra accessories we paid nearly $700 for it. I wasn’t sure that the Contours Options Elite stroller could compare at only $300, but I was VERY wrong! I was shocked when the stroller arrived and it INCLUDED a second seat, a cup holder, two belly bars AND the infant car seat adapter! Wow! What more did I need? It took me about 45 minutes to put it all together, start to finish, and the instructions were quite clear. I love the fact that the stroller folds up with both seats attached, something that my pricey stroller cannot do. I do think it’s a bit heavy when folding, but again, I’m five months pregnant, and you DO have the option to take the seats off to make it lighter if needed. When loading it in the car, I had no problem fitting it in my minivan’s trunk! It went in and came out easily! When we arrived at our destination, I put both children in and noticed that they had much more head and leg room in this stroller, as compared to my pricey stroller.
My petite 3-year-old’s head was constantly hitting the canopy in the other stroller, but not in this one. My one-year-old also can’t kick the back of his sisters seat as easily as he could in our other stroller. The basket on this stroller is HUGE! I wish it was easier to place my bag in the basket from the rear when both seats are attached, but this isn’t a huge concern, as the basket has a zipper on the side which allows for easy access. There was so much room in the basket, that even with all our coats and bags in it, from a trip to the mall, there was STILL plenty of room. As for the ride, the stroller is very easy to push and maneuver. I didn’t have any trouble, even in the most cramped stores. Everything about it was smooth! The seats are very easy to adjust and I love all the options that are available by just lifting and clicking the seats in place! I also liked how far the seats reclined. I was able to recline the back seat quite far so my 1-year-old could nap while we shopped. The canopies provide a ton of coverage, which is wonderful, especially when your child is trying to sleep. Overall I was VERY pleased with this stroller, and am happy to continue using it! I will also be recommending this to friends. I am still in shock that for about $400 less, it does what my pricey stroller does, and it almost does it better! My one suggestion to Contours would be to sell a glider board type accessory that can clip to the back for a third child to stand on, us moms with lots of little ones really find those helpful! Other than that, I can’t think of anything I’d add! This is an all around great stroller, and I highly recommend it!

Great price for a double that works for so many ages! (By OurKnightLife)

After owning the original version of this stroller (think 5 years old), I was sent this stroller for my honest review. I have to say I really love it.

7 seating configurations
weighs 38lbs
each seat holds up to 40lbs

With 7 ways to configure your seats – there will be something that works for your family. Back to back is nice when kids need space from each other.
3 reclining positions
Huge basket with side zipper access
Comes with car seat adapter that will work for nearly every infant seat on the market (over 20 styles)
40lb weight limit for each seat
Stroller folds up pretty compactly with both seats attached
Mesh pocket in each seat to hold sippy/bottle or toys
Expandable canopy
Black frame looks really sleek and stylish
Works for tall parents. I’m 5’9 and don’t even come close to kicking the tires.
Tires are upgraded to make all terrain more maneuverable.

CONS: (And by cons I mean, I’m being picky – I realize to keep the price down you can’t have everything.)
The adult cup holder isn’t every big. It won’t hold my bigger water bottles
The harness clasps could be nicer. They work fine, they just aren’t the best

I’ve seen other people complain about when they recline one seat for a sleeping child it interferes with the other seat… My suggestion is to put the sleepy child in the back seat so the front seat doesn’t recline on the child.

Snack tray and shopping basket can be purchased. If you have twins and you want another infant seat adapter you have to purchase that extra as well.

Honestly, I’ve owned a lot of double strollers. This is awesome for families who carry a lot with them, and have two or more kids that need to ride.
I love the changes contours has made to make this lighter, sleeker, and an overall smaller double. I would definitely recommend this stroller to my friends. I gave it 5 stars because of the price and ability to grow with your family.

And then there was two… (By jsorrenti)

About Me. Early thirties father of two (2 years apart), 6 feet tall, of average build and strength. Wears sandals, and often walks in stores, parks, and on boardwalks. I have owned, and still own, many strollers, and have tried and tested many more. I thought I was a expert, and then along came kid number two…


Options. Yes it’s right in the name, but it’s true. There are 7 different seating configurations, which are all quite useful. In my first few weeks I’ve already gone through quite few of the. options. Not to mention the 3 easy reclining positions each seat also does.

Space. Living in NY and working in Manhattan I see a lot of strollers. I see a lot of tandem strollers that are very small; kids are practically stacked on top of each other. I love that this stroller gives my kids room to breath, stretch, and nap. Nice knowing the newborn will be able to nap without a curious 2 year old’s foot rating or swinging near his face.

Storage. It’s all about that basket, no trouble. Switching from a single stroller and being forced to sneak things into the basket, a huge basket to accommodate two kids worth of stuff AND more goods was a must. Taking your kid and plopping him in a shopping cart is no longer an option with two kids, so you’re either keeping one in the carrier or you nix the shopping cart and everything goes in the basket. Even with all the kids in it you can still access it from the side via a zipper.

Size. It really fits. When testing out the double strollers I ventured out of the wide-aisled stroller section and did a quick fake shopping trip around the store. (Do this.

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Millennium Orange Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Millennium Orange

  • Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 Baby Trend, Graco Snugride Classic Fit and Britax infant car seats to make a travel system
  • Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large Basket and easy compact fold for easy transportation or storage
  • Accomodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller accomodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Millennium Orange Reviews

Very Nice Stroller (By Juana Marjorah)

I really love this stroller. It is pretty much everything I need. There’s a total of five cup holders, a small storage area at the top of the stroller and a large storage area at the bottom of the stroller. When it’s folded it is the size of a single stroller. I went to the carnival and with two children and I was able maneuver over grass, rubble, and around crowds quite nicely with this stroller. The only drawback for me was that the front seat doesn’t recline enough for a sleeping child, but that was the only drawback for me. The price is excellent. I highly recommend this stroller!

Five Stars (By eskim0)

Great for the price. love the versatility of sit/stand in the back.

Does not click with babytrend snap gear carseat (By Alyssa K.)

Love it, however it does NOT fit my baby trend snap gear carseat purchased from Target. I would assume a baby trend carseat would click onto a baby trend stroller. Mine does not click on and is unstable..

Five Stars (By Zagar)

Easy to put together, took awhile to figure out a thing or two. love it!

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller, Carbon Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller, Carbon

  • Designed for children from 6-50 lbs (each child) and no more than 42″ Tall
  • Multi-position seat recline with 5-point safety harness
  • 16″ rear and 12″ front all-terrain, rubber pneumatic bicycle tires
  • Locking front swivel wheels with foot-activated rear brake system and quick and easy compact fold
  • Large storage basket and covered storage compartment and Parent tray with 2 cup holders

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger Stroller, Carbon Reviews

Best Double Stroller (By MomOf3Cuties)

So, I did a lot of research before finally settling on this stroller, but I’m so glad that I finally did! I have the single jogger of this stroller and have been VERY happy with it, but I wanted to make sure that I was making the right choice by picking the double. It is awesome and for under $200 you really can’t go wrong.

No, it won’t fit through a normal doorway, but it’s a double stroller, what do you really expect.

The front wheel can either swivel or be locked into place- great feature! People had complained about the front wheel in the swivel setting being loose, well, tighten the bolt! In the assembly instructions it tells you that if it feels too loose to tighten the bolt on top of the wheel- problem solved!

The back wheels lock easily into place and can be easily and quickly removed if needed- and no, they won’t just fall off if they are clicked into place.

The sun shade is great and can be pulled to protect from the sun no matter where it is coming from.

People had complaints about the under carriage basket for things like a diaper bag was too small because it is divided into 2 sections, but if it was just one section, I think things would just drag on the ground- this provides a little more support.

It is a great size for my 7 month old and my 2 year old- and has lots of growing room as well! It seems like it will fit both of them for a long time!

The parent tray/cup holders are great- perfect for a water bottle and the cell phone and keys!

I didn’t get the one with the MP3 hookup, but it could easily carry your iPod and portable speakers (or just your headphones!).

Overall, this is an excellent product!
I’ve never owned a BOB or one of the more expensive strollers, but I can tell you that if you’re looking for a stroller that works and is awesome, than look no further than this one. To me, there’s no sense in purchasing the more expensive stroller because ultimately, they do the same thing!

This was very easy to assemble and took me just a few minutes- without the help of my husband!

Great stroller!!

Love, love it! (By Dorothy Zuniga)

When I got my first child I had the single baby jogger! I love it and still use it! However when my second was born and summer came I still needed to get my runs in while school was out. I love it!! Took it on a recent trip to Florida to Disney and came in very handy! They love it and sleep in it too.

Great Purchase! (By Donabird)

Great stroller!!! Grandmother purchased it for my 2 1/2 year old, and 6 month old grandsons. It is lightweight, easy to use, easy to open and close, and pushes like a dream. My daughter is thrilled with it. One other reviewer said the front wheel was wobbly, but my husband put it together and we have had no issues. She has taken it through grass, sand, and of course concrete and it pushes so easily. The seats recline so my younger grandson can nap, while the older grandson can sit up and see the world go by. I don’t think you will be disappointed with this great product!

Love my new stroller!!! (By Jesie1214)

Love my new stroller!!! Perfect for running and very comfortable for my 3 year old son and my 1 year old daughter. Just what I needed.

Two major flaws (By Emily Richards)

Maybe this is good for the price, but I’d probably just spend the extra money if I could to do it again.

First flaw, the front wheel jiggles when it’s on swivel. Baby trend has a pretty bad reputation for this anyway. Apparently there is a way to fix it, but baby trend should probably just fix it before selling the product. More than once I’ve been jogging across the street and it’s wiggled so bad I couldn’t keep pushing it. Dangerous!! I keep the wheel locked now to avoid it, but that really makes it harder to maneuver.

Flaw number two: there’s not much of a barrier between the two seats and the back isn’t sturdy enough to stay straight. This makes it so my kids roll toward the center right into each other (they are 30 lbs and 18 lbs). How ridiculous is that??? If the seats are all the way reclined then it’s not a problem, but I shouldn’t have to keep my kids reclined for them to be comfortable.

Overall I think someone could have done a much better job designing this jogger. Don’t buy it.

Great buy! (By M.E.)

I really like this stroller. I really did my research before getting this one. I didn’t want to pay $500+ on something I wasn’t sure would work out for us. This one is light enough to easily maneuver around, easy to fold away, and was easy to push. Haven’t had it too long, but the short time I’ve had it there hasn’t been any issues. I have a 6 month old and 1.5 year old. Both have been enjoying it. I just wish there was more of a separator between the seats. I can see further fights happening lol They tend to lean towards each other as you can see in the picture. You can adjust the incline on each seat. If one falls asleep I can lean it back without bothering the other. Working out great so far!

Great stroller for a great price! (By Rachel)

I researched long and hard on which double stroller to buy. I ended up choosing the Contours Options Elite. While I liked the stroller, the price was a little high and it had a few quirks that I didn’t love. My babysitter asked for a double stroller and I wanted to buy one that was a little cheaper. I choose this double stroller and I ended up LOVING it! I liked it tons more than the first one I bought. I ended up selling the Contours and buying another one of these! Very easy to push, just glides along. The seats easily recline flat, the canopy is big enough, and there are TWO adult cup holders, which is a small thing that I love. Great stroller and great price.

Baby Double Stroller: Britax 2016 B-Agile Double Stroller, Black Review

Baby Double Stroller: Britax 2016 B-Agile Double Stroller, Black

  • Easy-fold design closes the stroller in seconds.
  • Lightweight aluminum frame makes the B-Agile Double easy to carry.
  • Height Adjustable Handlebar creates the perfect fit for parents of all heights
  • Click & Go System allows for a quick connection with any Britax infant car seat.
  • Frame lock keeps stroller closed and compact for traveling or storing.

Baby Double Stroller: Britax 2016 B-Agile Double Stroller, Black Reviews

Handles Like a Dream! (By Jane)

I have a 2 year old and an 11 month and I walk over an hour a day outside for exercise. Our previous stroller was a Sit and Stand and pushing it was like driving a bus, it was so big and heavy and it didn’t handle curbs and uneven sidewalks well at all. I was so frustrated with it that I would put my baby in a carrier and push my toddler in an umbrella stroller. The summer heat is getting to be too hot for wearing a baby in a carrier though and I practically begged my husband for a new stroller. A friend of ours has an older model, single seat version of this stroller and we were quite impressed with its features, so I looked into the double version. My husband balked at the price, but he knows happy wife=happy life, so he consented to the purchase. We got it yesterday and I watched as my husband put it together very quickly and without much grief. We are both impressed with how well engineered the stroller is, a brake that easily engages and disengages with the push of a button, super easy folding, an adjustable height handle, easy to access under carriage storage, rounded corners, lots of pouches for storages, and huge canopies. The best part is that it handles like a dream. It’s just so easy to maneuver, even with both kids in it and going over curbs and uneven sidewalk. It can round tight counters so easily too. And it fits through our standard sized front door with room to spare! I just love it. I will post an updated review after I’ve had it longer and can attest to how well it holds up to wear and tear over time.

Baby Double Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet Review

Baby Double Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet

  • Expandable canopies for maximum coverage
  • Cool-Climate roll-up exposes mesh for increased air circulation and creates a head rest
  • Independently reclining seats accommodates 35 pounds per seat
  • Parent cup holder for drinks on the go
  • 3 point safety harness system

Baby Double Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller, Scarlet Reviews

Freaking out with twins?! Or just have two kids really close together?? (By HI and Lo)

Having twins? Don’t worry, everything will be alright!! Just have two really close together in age?….same thing! We bought this stroller because we have an in-line stroller for our twins and it’s gigantic!…..and heavy! We wanted something that would be lighter and easier to use for short walks and something where one of the twins didn’t always get stuck in the backseat which happens with the in-line stroller. Overall it’s a good inexpensive stroller, and that’s critical because with the twins our budget takes a beating buying two of everything! The twins love riding side by side so they can see each other, gabble at birds and in general point out the world to each other. The wheel locks are nice and strong when you need to park them and seems flexible enough to get over bumps etc but strong enough not to bend. Would have given this 5 stars but there are a few quirks with it. The stroller doesn’t come with any kind of container to carry anything (aside from the cup holder which is fine), we had to buy a little mesh bag to attach to the back of it to carry the myriad of things you need when you have twins….snacks, extra clothes, etc.. etc.. I think the reason for the lack of storage is that the whole thing folds up so there isn’t really a place to have a bin. The other issue is the middle hand grip. It’s just kid of strange to have that extra handle in the middle, we never use it because it’s hard to turn the stroller with such a narrow grip. One other thing to note….it’s very wide so if you are walking on the sidewalk you will most likely be displacing all the other pedestrians. They usually don’t mind because they will then make a comment about the twins and move along.

I try to make my reviews engaging and useful. Please click helpful if you thought this review was worthwhile. Thanks!

Awesome stroller! Compact, lightweight, plenty of shade, and easy to setup! Great for everyday use! (By Art Vandelay)

This is such an awesome stroller! My wife and I have a joovy roo and a Bob jogging stroller for our twins, but we needed something that was lighter weight and more compact for day to day use. This has been the perfect solution. It folds up super compact and fits very easily in the trunk of our honda civic with plenty of room to spare.

It is also very quick and easy to put the babies in and out of the seats due to the two waist buckles versus the five point harness on our jogging stroller. Setup and installation is a piece of cake, you basically just pop the wheels on and you snap the umbrella tops in place and you’re good to go. I only needed the instructions to know where exactly the plastic hooks for the umbrellas needed to snap on.

It provides plenty of shade for the wee ones and has relatively soft and comfortable backs and seats for them. Again, it’s biggest win is how lightweight and compact it is which makes it awesome for simple everyday use. Highly recommended!

Look no more!! This is the double stroller for you! (By hugo ramirez)

i was looking for an alternative double stroller other than my big fancy bulky one. Hands down this one is the Best! All of the other cheap double umbrella strollers don’t have shades that cover the entire back of the head as well as additional coverage/shade that extends in the front. I love that the seat reclines pretty far back (does not go into flat laying position) without having to adjust silly draw strings to do so, these have clamps that go into position. I also love how this thing steers! Whether one child or both are in it, it turns on a dime! No front wheels spinning around or jamming and sliding sideways like other umbrella strollers we’ve had. I also love that the brakes are easy to apply, even with sandals on! You can’t tell by the picture but the red part of the seat rolls up into a padded square that services as a head rest/pillow, my 3rd old loves that feature. Also on hot summer days when the red pads are rolled up as headrests, the back is made up of see through mesh material allowing a breeze of fresh air, that way when you pick your baby up they don’t have a drenched sweaty back!! Only negatives, there is no storage or mesh net on the backs or a fabric caddy for the parents, but you can always buy those separate at a baby store. Also i wish it was a 5pt harness style buckle rather than just a lap buckle (i have wild kids to restraint lol). other than that this stroller is the way to go!

easily portable in any vehicle and a side-by-side (By Katie M. Conrad)

I searched for a double stroller for a LONG TIME (my youngest was 1 when I got this and I started looking while pregnant:). Finally settled here because I wanted something lightweight, easily portable in any vehicle and a side-by-side. It has really met all my expectations. I really wanted a Combi but they stopped making the style I liked and the new one is quite pricey. We’ve had this stroller now 3 months and I have used it on multiple trips to the zoo, store, park. PROS: super lightweight & easy to fold, large canopies – especially for an umbrella stroller, my 3yr old can easily climb in and out, fits through all doorways (so far:), for an umbrella stroller the wheels are sturdy and can roll over grass or uneven ground, I really like the three handle bar options – seems to make it easier to push even one handed. CONS: as others have noted – no storage but I am able to hang my diaper bag off the back (but it will tip over when the kids get out) & I’m thinking of getting an add-on mesh holder which I think would work well, no cup holders for kids, the canopies are great because large but mine have gotten distorted from all of the folding/unfolding of the stroller – doesn’t affect function too much though. Overall I would recommend it for sure, especially for the price!

Baby Double Stroller: BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller, Black Review

Baby Double Stroller: BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller, Black

  • Swiveling-locking front wheel swivels to maneuver tight turns with ease or locks forward for increased stability when jogging or on rough terrain.
  • Adjustable padded handlebar offers 9 positions to create the perfect fit for parents of all heights.
  • State-of-the-art adjustable suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride.
  • Easy two-step fold for convenient transportation and storage.
  • Travel system-ready when using the BOB DUALLIE Infant Car Seat Adapter (sold separately). Pair with a matching BOB B-Safe 35 Infant Car Seat by Britax or with any other major brand car seat.
  • Swiveling-Locking front wheel swivels to maneuver tight turns with ease or locks forward for increased stability when jogging or on rough terrain
  • Adjustable padded handlebar offers 9 positions to create the perfect fit for parents of all heights
  • State-Of-The-Art adjustable suspension system offers 3 inches of travel and 2 stages of weight support for an ultra-smooth ride
  • Easy two-step fold for convenient transportation and storage
  • Travel system-ready when using the bob DUALLIE infant car seat adapter (sold separately). Pair with a matching bob b-safe 35 infant car seat by Britax or with any other major brand car seat

Baby Double Stroller: BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie Stroller, Black Reviews

BOB 2016 vs older models (By Kristeenie)

Having used a pre-2016 BOB FLEX single stroller for our first child, I knew that I would be buying a BOB FLEX Duallie with the arrival of our second. My decision was whether is was worth the extra money to buy the 2016 model. I went with the 2016 and I’m glad I did because (almost) all of my grievances with my BOB single were fixed or improved in the 2016 Duallie.

1. The recline function on my older BOB is made up of two adjustable straps and annoying to use, and the child can’t sit completely upright – the 2016 Duallie is an easy button push AND allows for the child to sit almost completely upright

2. The canopy bunches up when closed on the older BOBs and the plastic window gets in the way of the child’s headspace – somehow they changed the canopy on the 2016 Duallie and the canopy doesn’t bunch up as much. It still has 4 positions- closed, fully extended (which provides complete shade for the child) half open with a peek-a-boo window, and half open without the window.

3. The storage space is lacking in older models – they lowered the storage basket on the 2016 and it’s plenty large for 2 kids and can be accessed from the side

4. The brake foot pedal is improved on the 2016 so that it can be pushed both off and on using the bottom of your foot (in other words, it’s flip flop friendly!)

5. The rear wheels are easier to pop on and off in the 2016

For me, the recline function was enough to make the 2016 worth the extra money just because it was previously so annoying to me and my toddler has recently started insisting on sitting completely upright to see everything.

If you’ve not used a BOB before, I’ll just reiterate that it runs super smooth and turns on a dime.
Even with a double, it’s so balanced that I can run with just one child and steer with one hand without any pull. The down side to the stroller is just it’s size and weight; the thing is really a beast and takes up the whole back storage of our Town & Country. However, our use case for a double stroller is mostly for the outdoors, so the smooth ride is the most important concern for us. I think that despite the big wheels, even out shopping the stroller will be a pleasure to use because it can turn easily around aisles. Yes, it’s no fun getting it in and out of the car, but that’s a few seconds of annoyance for a double stroller that I can push one-handed and be used on all terrain.

Bob and Baby Trend compared – Bob wins in all aspects (By XNOR)

My my twin boys were born 3 years back – I was deciding between a Baby Trend Navigator (side by side) and a Graco Duoglider (one behind the other), eventually went with the Baby Trend Navigator, I was initially happy but was disappointed after the first 2-3 months and been a nightmare ever since then

The biggest issue with a twin stroller is not the navigation/luggage/…. it is with folding, lifting and putting it in your car trunk. Each and every week for the last 3 years and typically more than once a week, I would hate lifting this 48 lb stroller and put it into my Nissan Altima trunk and my wife would flatly decline using the stroller for that it comes with the job of putting it in the car.

Using the Bob Revolution for the last 1 week and I can feel the lightness, the smoothness in gliding, the shocks – just the sheer quality of this product is so awesome that it feels like I upgraded to an iPhone from a using a 10 year old Nokia phone. They have put thought into each design.

Here is a feature by feature comparison – you can skip to the last if you want a quick summary

Lift & Load: Bob wins
Easy 2 step folding, lighter by 15 lbs compared to Baby Trend

Navigation & Width : Bob wins
Easily goes through each and every double door, elevator door … Baby Trend is slightly wider than this – made me get into an embarrassing situation when I walking through Minneapolis downtown skywalk and my Baby trend stroller had stuck between the doors – took 2 security gaurds over 30 mins to pull it out, yes it can be that painful if it is too wide.

My Best Friend! (By Amazon Customer)

I’m in love! A little pricey but worth every penny for the stability and effectiveness! I researched other jogging strollers(mostly bc I was too chicken to spend the extra money on another stroller, we already have the Baby Jogger City Select) for months and finally took the BOB plunge and I’m so happy we did! I was worried it would be too wide to fit through doors, but it fits through ours with no problem. If you get the Snack Tray attachment, at first it feels like it is not compatible with the 2016…all you need to do is put a little extra force in and it will click right in. I’m so excited to lose these extra preggo lbs all while giving my kiddos some fresh air and a ride to the park:)

Wonderful stroller! Was frustrated at first that the car … (By lindseymae)

Wonderful stroller! Was frustrated at first that the car seat adapter was not coming in until June, but we have actually just been putting my 1 month old in by himself, and he is tight and secure! I think I like it better! We have decided to cancel our order for the adapter attachment! Also amazed that it fits through regular doorways! My 3 year old son is 42 lbs and 41 inches tall and he fits just fine!

I have to say this is an amazing stroller. It is very easy to steer as … (By Veronika)

I have to say this is an amazing stroller. It is very easy to steer as well. I had to get this for my 6 year old son who has severe Autism as well as my younger daughter. To my surprise my son fit pretty well except the seat belt doesn’t fit him, which I already knew that it wouldn’t so I am going to just install my own. My son is a big boy pretty tall and weighs about 65 lbs and it holds him pretty well. For the price I had no choice. An actual good sterdy special needs stroller is up to nearly 3 thousand dollars that I do not have lol. So this is going to have to do until we have to get something bigger.

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic Review

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic

  • Accommodates up to 2 children sitting in stroller seats, up to 2 in infant car seats, or one sitting and one standing
  • Stroller allows your older child to stand on the rear platform or sit on the rear seat
  • Accepts up to 2 Baby Trend, Graco Snugride Classic Fit and Britax infant car seats to make a travel system
  • Stroller accommodates 2 children up to 50 pounds each
  • Large Basket and easy compact fold for easy transpiration or storage

Baby Double Stroller: Baby Trend Sit N Stand Ultra Stroller, Tropic Reviews

Good for two. (By Grammie)

I bought this stroller for my 4 month and 20 month old grandchildren.
It is a must for two littles and lets Mama be mobile!
I’ll list some of my thoughts-

Great price.
Is narrow enough to fit through door ways.
Has a good turning radius.
Opens and closes easily.
With the infant seat in the front position visibility is good.
Cup holders and tray remove easily to change positions.
The lap restraint for the rear sit/stand position keeps a busy toddler corralled!
Toddler can sit, stand and even rotate 90 degrees and put feet and legs up on seat.

The basket is hard to access with two children on the stroller.
There is no back rest for the rear seat.
If the infant carrier is in the back position it is difficult to see over and the front child feels isolated.

A great piece of outdoor equipment (By Tim Pager)

I’ve been using this stroller for about 4 months now and I love it and think it is worth the money. I had my reservations with the price to begin with, and honestly probably wouldn’t have bought this for myself if REI hadn’t had a yearly sale on it. Amazon does carry this stroller at a great price, and if you are comparing this with the City Elite-the prices are comparable. I love the color and use mine a lot. It seems really big and bulky if you’re a first time stroller buyer, but I’m 5’4 and can handle getting it in and out of our van just fine. It does take a little getting used to in that respect and I will mention that I also own a super cheap umbrella stroller in for small trips to the pool etc. It fits with the Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat with an adapter sold separately.

Lightweight but has its drawbacks. (By Shellbie M. Melby)

Alright well my grandmother bought this for us as a gift and I kind of have a love-hate relationship with this stroller.
Pros: lightweight, lots of cup holders, nice color, easy fold and setup.
Cons: you can NOT take this on a horizontal incline! I walk my son to and from school 5 days a week to and from both times is about 12 blocks. I either have his brother in this stroller or on my back. My eldest has high funtioning autism and sensory processing disorder and frequently “loses energy” and cant walk anymore for a little bit so I prefer taking a stroller. Theres a driveway on the way that has a slight incline and if youre not careful this stroller WILL tip!
small seats. Im constantly worried about my soon to be middle childs butt falling off of the front seat and my eldest has to sit on the edge of his seat just not to fall off of the back. This is while hes buckled in. Hes 4 and not a very big child. The fact that he has issues sitting on this seat is saying something.
NO REAR BACK REST! Ok so this is a stroller right? your kids are supposed to be comfortable in a stroller. no child can sit straight backed on a stroller for any amount of time and if the child leans on the back of the front seat they will feel the bars and that is NOT going to be comfortable.
TINY front foot rest! My 19 month olds feet barely fit onto it bare footed and when he is wearing his boots they kinda just hang off.
Small front straps. If you have a rounder child then they wont fit the chest straps.
You can barely access the basket. Its honestly more like its not even there because of how hard it is to access it. you have to completely unbuckle the rear child to get a bag down there and if you do want a bag down there it can NOT be a very big one.
my eldests half filled toddler backpack was a squeeze to get into there. its also hard to access from where the rear footrest is.
Tiny parent console area. I cant even fit my keys into the thing with the lid.
So long story short its ok in itself but not very comfortable for the child sitting in the back. VERY lightweight and is lighter than my single Graco stroller. I would NOT get this if you have two younger kids.
EDIT: typically strollers have a predetermined amount of strap to use to buckle your kids in correct? The ones ive always used have had to have had it tightened and it was obvious it had more strap to use if necessary. This stroller arrived with the straps fully loosed and I (having never had a baby trend stroller before) assumed that there was slack up behing the seat that you had to reach up and get to to loosen it. Well today I found out otherwise. My soon to be middle child is 23 lbs and is in 18-24 months clothes and he is the one who sits in that seat. Its cold out and so he has a coat on I get my slouchy, tired child buckled in and start walking his brother to school. Not even halfway there hes getting upset and I cant for the life of me figure out why until I notice that it looks like the chest straps are digging into his shoulders! Sure enough I unbuckle him and check on him and theres marks on his shoulders! These straps are as loose as they can possible be and theyre still THAT tight?! What the heck baby trend?! I undid the chest straps from the waist straps to get him home and after he was settled i checked and it turns out that these stroller straps have a rectangular ring connected to one end of the strap which then goes around a foam covered metal bar and through the ring and then down to the holes for the different levels for different heights. This stroller is NOT for longer torsoed children if you intend for them to be buckled using the 5 point system! Seriously this thing has the shortest straps ive seen on a stroller it reminds me of the straps on the baby swing >_>
Edit #2 alright well ive had my baby but my middle child wont sit on the back so I put him on front and was going to put my youngest in her Graco Classic Connect Dragonfly car seat on the back figuring if necessary I can put her on the front and mr. middle on my back. WRONG! As parents we care about our kidss safety correct? Ya well the Classic Connect DOES NOT sit firmly when placed in the rear area! Youre supposed to put the tray on the back and fold it down and it has these little red clips on the stroller that you push down so you can have support for the front of the car seat. IT DOESNT EVEN TOUCH THE RED SUPPORTS! I had to put the rear buckle thats supposed to keep the rear sitting child from leaning out under the seat AND IT WAS STILL WOBBLY AS HELL! I mean seriously it says in the description it can fit up to TWO infant seats and lists one of the compatible seats as Graco Classic Connect ya well if thats your seat it can ONLY be in the front seat (im assuming. Havent tried it yet. ) that description needs fined to specify this cuz just my 12 lb 1 month old moving around her arms and legs was making the carseat bounce. >_> What the heck Baby Trend? Honestly after all of these issues coming up I would NOT buy it again. I was under the impression id be able to use this for ALL of my kids at one point or another and apparently thats not the case. If you need something for the zoo its ok and the back foot rest is GREAT for popping over bumps and things but its not worth it for too much else. If you live where its mostly flat and your kids are about 3 years apart then itd work but since my kids have those cute baby rolls for the first year and my youngest two are lomg torsoed I just dont see it working. Honestly the only reason im keeping it any more is because it was a gift and I need it for my 4yr old.

Not sure if I would buy it again? (By Candygirl)

I ordered this stroll because it has the highest weight limit (50 lbs.) for the rear seat. It is well made and rolls very easy. I have 3 problems with this stroller. 1) to use a car seat in the front the seat needs to be reclined. Which the puts the seat at an angle and makes it uncomfortable for the child in the rear seat. 2) There is no Sun shade for rear seat.3) The basket is very difficult to access.
All in all it is a decent stroller. The price is fair. It performs well and folds down easily.

two things I didnt like, it doesn’t stand for storage (By Eileen Young)

two things I didnt like, it doesn’t stand for storage, and you have to remove the second tray to fold the stroller up, I would rather keep everything together..its easy to maneuver and is light weight compared to some other double strollers

Five Stars (By Ayla young)

Works great! Rides smooth and I love that I can put car seat in front or back!

Good stroller (By S. M. Gomez)

Works wonderful for my two young ones. Minor down fall is it does not fold up easily and has to have some force to click it closed as well as opening too. Also is not convenient worth pushing one handed, definitely needs two hands our one handed strength (does not turn very well).

This has been perfect the few times we’ve had to use it so … (By Amazon Customer)

This has been perfect the few times we’ve had to use it so far. Our oldest loves being able to sit in the front and look out, while we can keep an eye on our youngest in his carrier. And it’s perfect because it will grow with them both and we’ll be able to continue using as both boys grow.