Regrow Hair: Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers Trial Size, Cinnamon Review

Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers Trial Size, Cinnamon

$9.17($10.00 8% off )(1 customer review)

  • This bottle is also great to test the colors or excellent for airplace travel or for quick touch-ups
  • This special complex was developed by using nano fiber technology
  • These incredible fibers build upon your existing hair to offer dramatic density
  • Infinity hair fibers apply in just 30 seconds or less
  • Infinity works great for both women and men

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Infinity Hair Loss Concealing Fibers Trial Size, Cinnamon Customer Reviews

lOVED IT. NOW WHY IS IT SO HARD TO … (By primeaddict)


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Regrow Hair: Therapro Mediceuticals X-Folate Persistent Dandruff/Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo, 12 Fluid Ounce Review

Therapro Mediceuticals X-Folate Persistent Dandruff/Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo, 12 Fluid Ounce

$18.25($20.00 9% off )(25 customer reviews)

  • Treats dandruff and psoriasis on the scalp
  • Helps control flaking and itchy scalp
  • Soothes inflammation and irritation of scalp

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Therapro Mediceuticals X-Folate Persistent Dandruff/Psoriasis Treatment Shampoo, 12 Fluid Ounce Customer Reviews

Great results (By Amy Baes)

I have tried MANY shampoos that claim to help with my scalp psoriasis, either referred by my dermatologist(by prescription) or by my hair stylist. None have really done much of anything…besides leaving my hair feeling like I haven’t washed it. So when my hairstylist recommended Therapro X-Folate…I figured it was going to be like all the rest…she said try it..if u don’t like it bring it back for your $ back. So I did…and I LOVE this shampoo. This product completely reduced and controlled my itchy, flaky scalp. It did not cure my psoriasis…but clears my scalp to the point where my symptoms are dramatically reduced! The shampoo lathers up nice and my hair actually feels soft after using! I also have color treated hair, which was not affected using the shampoo. I am so glad I found this shampoo!

Immediate Relief (By Julie Meyer)

I have tried several expensive brands of dandruff shampoo, even prescription brands, without any positive results. Therapro worked on the very first shampoo. My scalp feels so much better and my hair feels clean and moisturized. This stuff is great!! Many thanks to Therapro!

I have terrible scalp psoriasis (By paula)

I have terrible scalp psoriasis, and this shampoo works plus it doesn’t harm my hair color. At first I used this daily, now only as needed. Great product!

It works! I think. (By Beth)

I recently had a flare up of the moderate psoriasis on my scalp — complete with scabs that flake off and turn into dandruff.

Not. Cute.

After my first shampooing with this product, I was amazed at how clear my scalp felt. The scabs were instantly minimized, and I felt great! By the very next day, however, they were back.

The first week was a rollercoaster of "Oh no please let this work! Is it working? It’s not working. Please work!"

After consistent use for two weeks plus, however, I can confidently say that the shampoo has helped clear up my scalp issues. I have only used this shampoo during that time, as if I go a day without a shampoo, my skin starts to retaliate. I can only imagine what would happen if I switched back to my "normal" shampoo. (The horror!).

My one complaint is that it smells like medicine. But hey. It is what it is.

The absolute BEST. (By xtal.rivas)

I dont have Psoriasis…. however I do have really BAD eczema, and every so often I get this TERRIBLE outbreak that lasts months. I have tried other products like Denorex, Head and Shoulders, Selsun Blue, and even prescription medicines from my doctor, however nothing worked. Not like how this worked for me. Right after applying to the scalp, even with small cuts, it was soothing, and it still has that cool menthol soothe a little bit after getting out the shower. The flakes just fall right out after my hair dries. Its absolutely a GODSEND for me.

Like other reviews (By M.B.)

Like other reviews. This was not the same as same product I bought at hair salon. This was watered down. No seal on bottle. Wonder if company is making 1 bottle into 2 bottles for profit.

good stuff (By Imagine)

My hair dresser recommended it. It does a great job of getting rid of dandruff. It still shows up on occasion but for the most part no dandruff!

Effective but not Fragrant (By N. Dowding)

I have used this for years, and it keeps my (very long) hair looking nice, stopped the thinning problem I had that caused my hair dresser to recommend this to me in the first place, and minimizes dandruff. That said, it doesn’t smell "pretty" which may be off-putting to some, especially women like myself, but that is a nitpick, and I find that as long as I use nice-smelling conditioner that the medicinal smell from the shampoo isn’t noticeable.

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Regrow Hair: DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 31.3 Ounce Review

DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 31.3 Ounce

$87.13($120.00 27% off )(19 customer reviews)

  • Contains precious materials specially designed to maintain scalp vitality and act on follicle dysfunctions
  • Revita starts acting on your scalp and hair follicles since the first day of use
  • No matter how long or how intense your hair loss is, using revita on a daily basis will improve the vitality of your scalp, maintaining the quality of your hair and stimulating new hair growth

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DS Laboratories Revita Hair Growth Stimulating Shampoo, 31.3 Ounce Customer Reviews


My boyfriend is losing his hair. He tried many of the products on the market and when he uses the various products by this company it really works for him. But with all hair loss products, it is more trial and error than anything else. So I would begin small, and use these products and see if they work for you. My boyfriend is quite happy as, it does not necessary grow new hair, but it keeps the hair he has.

Doesn’t grow hair at all lol I wish :( (By dep411)

Don’t really know if this stuff works. I haven’t notice any fullness or regeneration of any hair growth. But I have noticed that I’m shedding/losing less hair. Sucks getting old :( I’m a male 30-35 years old. Lathers in very nicely and washes out fairly easy. On my second bottle, for the price of this stuff, this probably is my last bottle. If you have short hair and a male this bottle lasts for months…

huge disappointment (By dgd0000)

I bought this product on the recommendation from my hair dresser from a hair loss club. She told me to use for 3 months and I will see results. Well, I used for 3 months and all I noticed is increased hair loss. I now have patchy thin spots on my head. I have since stopped using and praying my hair grows back. Been one month already and it has not. :(

Good shampoo- not so convinced on the hair growth (By Ashley E Rose)

It is a good shampoo, but it is the other products in their system that have more impact on hair growth. The shampoo by itself hasn’t done much to stem loss or promote regrowth in over a year of use.

… believe this Shampoo works and is one of the best on the market (By L. Wiesner)

I believe this Shampoo works and is one of the best on the market. My hair was damage and broken all over my head. I was going to a Salon that had NO clue how to color do Blonde hair. I started using this shampoo and started seeing a major difference in my hair. My hair became stronger and started growing. Well worth the money. I am still using the product after two years.

Great Product – Poor Packaging (By Joan)

I’ve been using this shampoo for over a year now & the bald areas are almost completely gone. This is a great product. I would definitely recommend it. However, with this order, the tip of the dispenser pump was broken during shipment. I would like to get a replacement pump, but the ‘Contact Seller’ button has disappeared & I don’t know how to contact them.

This product works better than any other product I’ve tried in the last (By Michael Coleman)

This product works better than any other product I’ve tried in the last. 20 years .


This product is fantastic if you get it from a reputable salon and know for sure if its the real deal, it really does work!

These liter bottles aren’t sold to directly to customers and says right on the bottle "NOT FOR RESALE" and "FOR SALON USE ONLY", so I would question the dealer as to whether this is an off brand or really authentic product.

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Regrow Hair: TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers Review

TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers

$45.95($46.95 2% off )(1,224 customer reviews)

  • Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is statically charged, TOPPIK Fibers intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look. TOPPIK resists wind, rain, and perspiration but removes easily with shampoo.
  • TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair.
  • Dry and style hair as usual. Shake or spray into thinning area. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

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TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers Customer Reviews

Answer to my prayers! (By Rbgilcrease)

Due to a medical condition, my hair became very thin in the crown and widened my part. I also have a small area at the top of head that is nearly bald. For years I struggled with trying to hide the thinning areas with no success. I was limited on how I could style my hair and felt self conscience all the time.this product has changed all that for me. Now it’s not magic but once you master your application technique it really makes all the difference. This product doesn’t stick to your hair- it settles on your scalp, that’s what gives you the coverage. The goal is to apply it lightly so that you don’t just end up with colored blotches on your scalp. Dusting it lightly will make The powder settle into the follicles creating the look of more hair. You want to section off the hair just around your part (so you don’t get any on the scalp of your part) then apply around the area. Then when you lay the sectioned hair back over the areas where you applied, you will have a nice natural look. You can also put the back side of a comb over your part to cover and very lightly apply toppik around it for added coverage. You always want a thin layer of your hair laying over an area where you applied the product. If you get to much in one spot, just scrape it around your scalp with a comb to push it into the surrounding areas follicles. Once you get the application down it looks fantastic and undetectable. I had told my husband when I ordered toppik and he was beyond sceptical that it would work. But when I applied it and showed him he was amazed and couldn’t believe how thick my hair looked. He literally studied my head and couldn’t detect the powder. If you have been struggling with thinning hair try this, and keep trying until you get the hang of the application. It has made an huge difference in my life and my self esteem and can help you too

“Better than what I have now”VINE VOICE (By Susan G. Good)

I ordered my first can of Toppick Hair Building Fibers based on the mostly good reviews by other users. I agree that this is a good product. It’s not great, it doesn’t make me suddenly look like I have lots of hair, but I must say that it is better than the hair I “naturally” have now. Apparently due to aging, my once very thick hair has thinned drasically in the past ten years, and I have tried many, many products in an effort to either regrow hair, or to give the illusion of more hair. Toppick is applied after shampooing, drying and styling, and on top of any other hair thickening products. It is a fine powder that is manually shaken from the can. Toppick is sold in several different color shades and “Light Brown” is the first shade that I tried, as I have light brown hair with blond highlights, neither of which are my natural shade. After the first few shakes, I discovered that there were more hair building fibers all over my shoulders, shirt and the bathroom than on my head. I invested in the applicator made to fit over the top of the can and I urge anyone who is interested in trying Toppick, to do the same. The nozzle-tip applicator makes it much easier and neater to apply this product. The major plusses of Toppick are that it hides my shiny pink scalp and I find that the fibers do give the illusion of more hair. The minuses include: 1. I need to use a lot of Toppick to achieve the desired results, making this product more expensive than I thought it would be; 2. I need to use a special “spray” to get the fibers to stick in place, adding another expense; 3. Any time I comb or “fix” my hair during the day, the Toppick fibers come out, so I need to reapply which is not easily accomplished when not at home; and 4. the powder texture dulls the look of my hair.

Since the minuses are greater than the plusses, for me, I gave the Toppick Hair Building Fibers, Light Brown, only 3 stars. Will I continue to use this product? Absolutely – I haven’t found anything else that hides my “naked” scalp and gives even a slight illusion of more hair as well as as the Toppick Fibers. Will I continue to use Rogaine as well as other thickening and volume building products? Absolutely – at least until a magic potion is developed to successfully regrow hair, or my vanity weakens. If you are a mature woman and your crowning glory has been reduced to just a few strands, I would highly recommend that you give Toppick a try, just don’t make your expecttions too high.

TOPPIK is a Top Choice (By Amazon Customer)

Don’t shake your head at this product. It really works. I’ve been using it for two years and anyone who I don’t tell, can’t tell. my friends who knew me before I was using it think that I have miraculously regained my thinning crown, or that I had some expensive surgery. It’s easy to use, and stays in place with a minumum of care. If you have a very thin or bare area on your head, it will not be effective. and unfortunatly it will not stop you from losing more, but to get a new lease on what you still have,Toppik Hair Building Fibers, The 30 Second “HAIR TRANSPLANT” Giant Size 50 gm it can’t be beat.

REALLY WORKS! (By walking gently)

this stuff is terrific! i have thinning, fine hair; and this makes my hair look full! no more scalp peeking through! i would advise getting the accessory that "poofs" the fibers into the hair more evenly, and to order a shade lighter than your hair color. the dark brown looks almost black.

DMDM Hydantoin – Formaldehyde Releaser (By K)

The ingredients in Toppik are toxic. DMDM Hydantoin is a FORMALDEHYDE RELEASER. Why would I want that in my hair let alone my scalp? I wont be using this until there is an all natural product with no harmful ingredients. There is no need for so many harmful ingredients just put the keratin fibers and be done with it.

The easy answer to thinning hair (By Iris)

My hair started thinning on top in my mid-40’s. Of course, this is unacceptable for a woman. I tried changing my hairstyle, and even tried that spray-on stuff once. It was obvious.

Then I ran across an ad for Toppik. I was very skeptical, but it was either that or a wig. While I’m not bald, I am thin enough on top to be able to see some scalp around the part, so I was willing to give it a try.

It worked wonderfully, just like the ad said. All I did was sprinkle it on top of my hair (over the hairspray) where my scalp was showing, gently pat it down, and voila! no more thin areas. It truly is totally unnoticeable and will stay on until washed out with shampoo. You can comb and brush through it, and it won’t come off on your clothes.

The only thing I found out was that it’s best to order one shade lighter than your own hair. My own hair is medium brown and when I ordered medium brown, the sprinkled area seemed slightly darker. When I ordered light brown instead, it blended perfectly. I highly recommend this to other women who are thinning a little on top. You’ll be glad you did!

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Regrow Hair: RidgeCrest Herbals Hair Revive Natural Defense Fights Women’s Hair Loss Veg Caps 120 Review

RidgeCrest Herbals Hair Revive Natural Defense Fights Women's Hair Loss Veg Caps 120

$27.00($34.10 21% off )(155 customer reviews)

  • Reduce daily hair loss.
  • Grow thicker and fuller hair.
  • Grow hair faster and longer.

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RidgeCrest Herbals Hair Revive Natural Defense Fights Women’s Hair Loss Veg Caps 120 Customer Reviews

Hair Miracle! (By Florina63)

This product is the best thing I have found for my hair. No longer do I have to deal with thin, stringy hair. It has made my hair fuller, stronger and longer. I am a 59 years old African-American woman and if it works for me it will work for anyone!

It works (By Ana L. Martinez)

I am 28 years old and I noticed two bald spots on my head and I freaked out. I went online and read the stories of others that were in the same situation and there is no explanation of why this happens…. I was losing a lot of hair when I brushed everyday. I went to Mother’s Market my favorite store and got me some Hair Revive 5 and I my hair grew back. I stop taking it and I am going through the same thing again but I went and bought me another bottle yesterday. It works!!!! I need to stop stressing and rest and eat healthy!!!

I wouldn’t be without these hair vitamins! (By Linda Elliott)

I wish I could have known about these hair vitamins long ago! I had long pretty hair & because of hormones & also my diet, my hair started falling out & getting very thin. I didn’t have bald spots, but my pretty long hair wasn’t pretty anymore. It was long & stringy a real mess. So I had to cut 10 inches off, it made me sick & very sad too. I always got loads of compliments on my hair how pretty it was, then the compliments stopped when It got so thin. I had tried all kinds of hair vitamins & started eating healthier food, but nothing changed. Then one day I saw these vitamins, so I purchased them hoping for a miracle which I really never expected, but to my surprise I got that miracle! After taking these vitamins my hair completely stopped falling out! I was so happy, but then I noticed new hair starting to grow back in the places the other hair had fell out, & it also started growing at a faster rate. That all happened about a year & a half ago. Now I once again have long healthy shiny pretty hair, even better then before, & my hair never has any problems anymore. I take these vitamins everyday & will never be without them they are that great! These hair vitamins do what other hair vitamins don’t do, I really love them! If you really want your hair to be the best it can be, just try these vitamins, I know you won’t be sorry, & you will love them & love your hair too! Don’t even bother wasting your money on other hair vitamins that won’t work, these will work, you will be happy! It usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to start seeing results, I started seeing results after 3 1/2 weeks. It is a little different with everyone, but you will see results! :)

Great Product (By leistd)

I have used this product for years for my hair. It really is a great product and works well. I didn’t have any of these vitamins for several weeks and noticed a big change in my hair volume, and it was constantly falling out. My hair is very fine and thin, and this really helps give it volume and strengthen my hair. I will continue to buy this product and recommend it to others.

Great product so far (By Mildred Woods)

I have been using this product for about a month and it seems to be working. I am african american and I had used a product that took my hair out. I discovered this product and have used it continuously. My hair is coming in nicely. I will continue to use it to see how well it works.

Amazing (By Geargal)

Amazing, who could have every guessed this product would work so well. I was at the hair salon asking my stylist if there is anything I could do about the visable balding on the top of my head. I have asked before and he had no suggestions. Today one of his customers still in the shop reported she tried a product and her hair grew back. She had a picture of the bottle on her phone, and told me where to get it. I started the product that week and within 6 weeks I started to notice my head was itching. I felt my scalp and noted the itching was due to new growth all over my scalp. I have been on the product for 4 months now. I did cut down to 1 capsule two times a day, but went back up to the 2 two times a day as the decrease in dose reduced the amount of new growth. After increasing the dose to two caps two times a day the new growth started again.

I am a person who is extremely skeptical when it comes to supplements that reportedly produce results and normally don’t even try them. My hair was so thin I had to try something, tried this and was simply amazed. Everyone around me asks and has bought the product. Oh, and of course after the first bottle I went to Amazon and now buy it for half the price I paid in the store.

Hair Revive (By SoCalGal)

My hair started falling out and I decided to try these. I since found that I had cancer and have been going through chemo. Even though there is nothing that cannot stop your hair from falling out during chemotherapy, I still have enough that I do not have to wear a wig yet. So either I’m incredibly lucky (probably not), or this has helped to at least slow the process? We’ll see. Three more months to go and I will faithfully stick to these during. One small warning: you will grow hair everywhere and not just on your head, but worth it.

Hair Revive (By Deborah A. Shapiro)

I’m working on the third bottle of Hair Revive and honestly, I don’t see any difference in my hair. It also gives me a bad taste in my mouth for about an hour after I take the pills. This product may work better on other people. It’s not for me.

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Regrow Hair: HairMax Minoxidil 2% for Women Review

HairMax Minoxidil 2% for Women

$35.00(2 customer reviews)

  • HairMax Minoxidil is approved by the FDA to treat hair loss and re-grow hair. HairMax Minoxidil stimulates dormant hair follicles and reactivates your hair’s natural growth cycle.
  • Revitalizes hair follicles. Clinically proven to help regrow hair.
  • Part your hair in the area of hair loss. Apply one mL 2 times a day directly onto the scalp in the hair loss area.

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HairMax Minoxidil 2% for Women Customer Reviews

I highly recommend. (By Old Lady in Ohio)

So far, it is working. The Minoxidil is the only FDA approved product to regrow hair. I have used the product for 6 weeks, and I am not seeing any new hair loss. My scalp is healthy, again. I highly recommend.

Five Stars (By raymond holt)

Great. Love it

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Regrow Hair: Nioxin System 1 Therapy, 300 Ml Review

Nioxin System 1 Therapy, 300 Ml

$15.34($23.00 33% off )(10 customer reviews)

  • Bioamp adds thickness from inside the cuticle and strengthens the hair shaft
  • Activ-renewal helps provide a more youthful scalp complexion
  • Transactive delivery system is a time released delivery formulated with vitamins that provides moisturizing nourishment for the scalp and hair

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Nioxin System 1 Therapy, 300 Ml Customer Reviews

Nioxin Hair System is Great for Fine/Thin Hair (By Carol)

I can’t rate just Nioxin System 1 Therapy. I use the whole Nioxin System 1 which includes the Nioxin Cleanser, Nioxin therapy, and Nioxin Scalp Treatment. They have made a big difference in my fine, thin hair. I used to have a section of hair that parted from the crown of my head going down to about the middle of my head. After using the system for a short time the part was just about all gone. I recommend Nioxin System 1 Therapy and the whole system 1.

Excellent Conditioner (By Lee in Irvine)

I’ve used Nioxin a couple times the last few years, it is really a good product. I use the shampoo and conditioner and see the difference. At first after a lot of non-use, it can sting a bit and it’s got a candy-cane aroma, but it’s effective and I would recommend it. I have a full head of hair but this I think is a good product for cleaning and maintaining your hair.

A great conditioner (By Carl E. King)

The Nioxin system of cleaner and conditioner is great for the hair. I have been using it for several years now. It works!


I thought I was going to have to chop my hair off until discovering this product! My hair has never felt or looked better. After using it once, I got so many compliments at work! Highly recommend for fine/chemically treated hair!

Works great on thinning hair (By AuroraGB)

My hair has been falling out due to a couple of meds I take. Also I have scalp dermatitis. The Nioxin System 1 shampoo and conditioner have helped greatly with both problems. My hair stopped falling out almost immediately and the dermatitis is much improved after using these products for three months. The jury is still out on whether my hair will grow back but that’s not the Nioxin’s fault. Well worth the money for me.

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Regrow Hair: Doo Gro Medicated Hair Vitalizer Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Formula, 4 Ounce Review

Doo Gro Medicated Hair Vitalizer Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Formula, 4 Ounce

$4.62($12.53 63% off )(35 customer reviews)

  • Helps thicken thinning edges and temple area
  • Enriched with oat protein, oat extract, shea butter, vitamin a,dande
  • Safe on relaxed, color-treated and natural hair
  • Safe on braided and weaved hair
  • Great for all ages, including children

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Doo Gro Medicated Hair Vitalizer Mega Thick Anti-Thinning Formula, 4 Ounce Customer Reviews

I nearly fell out when I removed my sew in hair weave (By Meco C.)

I have thick hair, and had been growing out my relaxer for 9 months. Usually I wear braids or a ponytail, I decided to get a special hairstyle for my Birthday.

I nearly fell out 2 weeks ago, when I removed a sew-in weave only to discover my sides were very thin, and missing. There was much more shedding than usual. One side of my temples was worse than the other, and looked bald with very minimal hair surrounding the thinned out area.

I was literally tearful for about 2 days, and just saddened by my hair loss. My hair has been long all my life until now.

Doo Gro was there to help me. There’s a Money Back Gurantee if the product doesn’t work. It smells really good, and 4 oz. goes a long ways so it’s worth the price. It gives the hair a shiny lustre, use it sparingly so you don’t overgrease your hair. It helps to combat dryness of hair, and made my hair feel softer and manageable. It also helped me with my tangles, my hair was a mess after that weave.

I dried my tears and got myself together to face my problem. I got my ends cut, and had my daughter massage my hair entirely with Doo Gro. I massaged my temples especially, took some vitamins only for 2 days. So I would say the combo of massaging, and Doo Gro I did see improvement. My hair looks fuller in that section considering the trauma. I actually have a thin cover up layer in the thin section without pulling hair from other areas.

No more tight weaves for me, but I plan on trying other Doo Gro products and I will continue using this product. No complaints from me. I’m one happy sista whose sides are once again growing back. Be patient, find a healthy hair regimen and you’ll see results. I plan on restarting my vitamins, and I should have double growing power!

This product worked for me, that’s why I gave it 5 stars.

She love it (By Amazon Customer)

This was for my wife; she love it. She and her friends found it good for their hair health so she is buying it again.

Words cannot express… (By Swirly)

….how wonderful this vitalizer is. I use it twice a week and my new growth is amazing thick, and it’s coming in fast. I decide to go natural last july and I started to use this then. My hair is now 80% natural now! I only have like 3 inches of perm left, and Im about to chop that off :P

Works almost instantly ! Thicker and Healthier hair ! (n__n) (By The Fallen Angel with a broken Wing)

My husband originally used this product as a pomade sorta think to slick his hair up. But I noticed his hair looks thick and more dense then outta boredom I read the jar that it thickens your hair. His hair always smelled good too. One night we were going to go out and as I was combing my hair I noticed I’m getting a little thin around the front of my head. My husband said to try the Doo Gro. He rubbed the Doo gro into my hair and then applied a little bit of water to it. I combed my hair as I usually would. Next morning I noticed that my thinning area was barely noticeable. I was amazed ! I knew it made my husband’s hair thicker but never knew just how much it’d work til I tried it myself. It’s very inexpensive and I believe this stuff is better than rogaine or any of that other hair volumizing products. If you got thinning hair and wish you had thick full hair get yourself this Doo Gro Mega Thick and you can save that thinning hair back to it’s thick healthy luster. I also noticed it leaves your hair very soft, manageable, and shiny. I’m gonna have to share a jar with my Mom for her thinning hair. Definitely recommending this to all my friends and anyone who wants thicker fuller hair almost overnight.

Very, very greasy (By MorgannnML)

It works really well, however when I tried it the first time I put it in after a morning shower and when I got to work my hair looked so greasy, like I hadn’t showered in a month. I was mortified. I went home and washed it out, so needless to say I started to put it in at night before I went to bed and wash it out the following morning.

Quite greasy (By Raina)

Doo gro usually gets stellar reviews from nearly everyone, but the product is so greasy and it clogs your scalp! It doesn’t penetrate it; it sits on top of your scalp. I used it after a wash, and instead of having moisturized hair when it dried, I had dry and crispy tresses. I like to use the optimum hair dress line, and I wanted to try something different.

Saved my hair, great for hair growth! (By Valerie)

I am an African American woman, who has fine oily hair. After a traumatic experience with a sew in which abolished my edges as well as thinned out my hair. I can’t say for sure that this saved my edges, but I used it in combination Jamaican black castor oil w/ coconut oil. After two months my edges filled up completely. It didn’t make my hair thicker but it restored the was lost (bald areas) due to the sew in. I use the hair grease once a week, and my hair continues to grow. A little goes a long way, I do 3-4 large parts, and LIGHTLY grease my scalp, and it does not weigh my hair down.

Hair grease is not always great but I still keep this one in my stays … (By Zara)

Hair grease is not always great but I still keep this one in my stays because it’s so light. Usually I use it in conjunction with my edge tamer.

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Regrow Hair: Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60-Tablets Review

Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60-Tablets

$35.99($60.00 40% off )(1,409 customer reviews)

  • 100% Drug Free Dietary Supplement
  • Backed by 5 Clinical Trials
  • No.1 Selling Hair Growth Supplement Worldwide
  • Contains AminoMar(TM) and Biotin

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Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Tablets, 60-Tablets Customer Reviews

Don’t be skeptical. Use as directed! (By k.meadows)

I have been taking Viviscal for 2 months(almost everyday but not as directed, twice a day) I am already seeing hair regrowth. Give it a fighting chance before you give up. I couldn’t be happier. I attached a picture of my new hair growth! My hair is super long and this is the area I was losing it in. It’s growing back!!

Pretty good (By Reuter)

This stuff really does work. I used it for about 3 months and saw some new growth. However, it didn’t seem to really stop the loss or hair. I switched over to Mynoxidrin – Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Formula Nourishes and Strengthens Thinning Hair and Promotes Hair Growth! and the hair loss seemed to slow considerably compared to the Viviscal.

Finally, a product that does work! (By Melanie Rohaley)

I love this product. I was already 3 months in taking this product before I ordered the 60 tablet box. After about 4 months of taking Viviscal, people have started to notice that may hair had gotten longer and isn’t as thin as it used to be. You have to take the product as directed to see results. It does work!

Not worth liver damage…. (By angela godbey)

I have been using extra strength viviscal for three months, and it seems that my shedding has not been as bad, however, I went for blood work and got my results back yesterday, and my liver enzymes were elevated. I came home and reviewed the ingredients again ,and when I looked up horstail, it says it is not to be taken long term, and also states it can cause liver problems. I would love to find a hair supplement that doesn’t have dangerous ingredients and really works for hair loss. Disappointed in Viviscal for not doing more studies on the ingredients they put in their product.

I love this product (By Melissa Ezzell-Maddy)

For years I couldn’t get my hair to grow just past my shoulders. It would frizz and fray, then break off. From August of 2014 to December 2014, I had about 1 1/4 inch of hair growth, and my hair is healthier. It’s getting down to the middle of my back now and I see so much less breakage. I love this product.

Pretty good (By R. Hartig)

This stuff really does work. I used it for about 3 months and saw some new growth. However, it didn’t seem to really stop the loss or hair. I switched over to Mynoxidrin – Extra Strength Hair Nutrient Formula Nourishes and Strengthens Thinning Hair and Promotes Hair Growth! and the hair loss seemed to slow considerably compared to the Viviscal.

I have seen results in under a month (By Asher Dasher)

I am twenty two and losing my hair (to the point where scalp could be seen all the time) was not ideal twenty first birthday gift but it is what happened when poor diet meet my high stress lifestyle. With this my hair has become fuller and healthier.

Edit: It’s been over four months and my hair continues to fill out and grow longer over an inch since November and everyone in my personal life has told me they’ve noticed a difference and asked what I’ve done differently.

Edit 2: it’s now May 2014 and this product has seriously improved the quality of my hair but only because I stopped ordering through amazon where I would get counterfeit products frequently. It does cost more to go directly from the source but to me having a full head of hair is worth the cost.

5/5 for the product
2/5 for amazon screening for counterfeiters

This stuff REALLY works! (By E. Hilpert)

I started taking Viviscal in April 2012. Within 2-3 months, I was noticing that my hair was fuller. At 6 months I felt that I had a new head of hair. It’s much thicker, has alot of body and doesn’t need to be washed on a daily basis anymore. Even on a second day, I’m amazed how full it looks. I started my 96 yr. old aunt on the regimen this summer and she’s noticing regrowth as well. The fact that it’s natural and safe really got me hooked at the start. I will continue taking this indefinitely!

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