Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Tangle-free Turbine Tool Review

Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Tangle-free Turbine Tool

$398.00($599.00 34% off )(257 customer reviews)

  • 5 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Patented Radial Root Cyclone technology for no loss of suction. DC41 Animal captures allergens and expels cleaner air. Dyson cyclones can capture particles down to 0.5 microns – including pollen, mold and bacteria.
  • Strong suction power at the cleaner head. The cleaner head self-adjusts for optimal contact – even on hard floors.
  • Ball technology – turns on the spot. Steers easily around furniture, obstacles and into difficult places.
  • Lightweight and durable. Less weight and bulk.

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Dyson DC41 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner with Tangle-free Turbine Tool Customer Reviews

All Told, the Worst Dyson Animal Yet Designed (By Patrick Mcnelis)

This is our third Dyson vacuum cleaner, and our third in the Animal model line. This is also our least favorite. The suction is the only thing exceptional about this vacuum cleaner; in almost every other category, this is a step backwards in form and function.
1. Ball design. On the surface it seems like a great idea, but it has its drawbacks. Like Americans walking into an Ikea and having to figure out those shopping carts with the all-wheel steering. There is a learning curve, and it will annoy you at first.

2. Kickstand. Because of the ball design, there is a kickstand consisting of a lever with two small plastic wheels meant to allow the unit to stand upright while using the hose and attachments, or when not in use at all. It is a necessary item that is done poorly. It automatically deploys when you set the unit upright, but it does not lock in place until you push the unit up onto the scrubber bar, Failing to do that, the unit will fall to the floor, as it did many times when we were first learning to use the machine. The tension holding in the deployed position is not enough to prevent it from retracting while moving the unit from room to room, especially across a carpeted floor.

3. Attachment Hose.
a. It is stiff. Once you’ve wrangled it out of the stowed position, the hose is so stiff that it will pull the unit over unless you hold the unit with one hand. This means that the photograph in the marketing material of the woman walking up the stairs with the hose in her hands is so laughable. There is no way that can be done. Even if you butt the rollerball against the bottom stair, the force exerted on the attachment point of the hose will be significant enough to retract the kickstand (mentioned above) and the unit will fall down.

b. Good luck putting it away. For whatever reason, one that I have yet to figure out, Dyson turned a relatively simple and easy to use attachment hose into a monstrosity requiring a mechanical engineering degree just to figure out how to put it away. It is definitely a two-handed function. It does not go back into its home easily nor logically. I have yet to figure out if I am supposed to retract the tube into the hose first or line up the hose with the cradle first. Neither is easy nor a one-handed operation. In the older models, the hose almost put itself away, but not anymore. Now there are slots to line up just so and buttons to push while simultaneously retracting. To call it a pain would be an understatement.
c. What happened to the tip? In the older models, you could use the hose and tube without attachments. With the new model, Dyson all but require you use one of the attachments. Instead of a smooth tip upon which attachments can be placed, now there is a female receptacle for the attachments’ male connectors.
d. Attachments fall off. This is nothing new. One thing Dyson hasn’t figured out is how to store the attachments on the unit in such a way that they do not fall off and disappear. This model does an equally abysmal job of this. On past models it was not a game-ender because you could still use the tube on the hose without attachments affixed. Now you do need attachments or you risk damaging the female receptacle.

4. Cheap plastic. Yes, the new Dyson Animal is significantly lighter in weight than the previous models. That is because it is made with lighter-weight, and cheaper, plastic. I have not broken it yet, but I have cringed at the sound of plastic meeting furniture leg or wall corner. It is only a matter of time, I believe. As careful as you try to be, you cannot guarantee an accidental slam into a much harder surface. When you pick the unit up to take it up or down stairs, it feels as if it fall to pieces at any moment.

5. Power cord tangles. I don’t know how, but Dyson has managed to develop a power cord that will tangle every single time you remove it from the storage location. If you choose to pull the cord off by twisting the top peg instead of tediously unwinding it, you will tangle the cord each and every time. And the rubber coating on the cord prevents it from being easily shaken out. Again, to call it annoying would be an understatement.


1. It’s a Dyson, so it does the vacuuming part of its job exceptionally. The ability to pick up hair and dust from both carpet and bare floor is second to none.

2. Canister is easier to empty. The canisters on the older models were a pain to empty; you often had to reach in to pull at the wadded up hairball that got jammed up at the top of the canister. The new canister design on this model has emptied cleanly every time, without me having to reach up into it.

3. Animal hair attachment. The design of the brushes on the attachment, labeled as “tangle free” really does make a difference. It is so much better than the old design.

In short, the Dyson Animal DC41 is an exception vacuum cleaner wrapped in a terrible package. The parts that are batter cannot rescue what is, in my opinion, an overall flawed design.

WOW – One Caution! (By Mikey)

This vacuum is terrific.

1-Read the manual carefully before you start. It is all in pictures, I assume because it is international. It Snaps ( They use “clik”)together so no tools are required.

2- I thought it would be heavy, but I was pleasantly surprised, it is fairly light and easy to carry by the handle.

3-The cord is long and the tube expands. You have to pull on it a bit at first when you are using the tools, but it works fine.

4-CAUTION!!!! If you are not using the tools, make sure that the handle is NOT UPRIGHT, but at an angle when you turn it on.

On the top of the handle where the attachments go there is a hole with a grid on top of it that goes over the red handle. If you have the handle upright, it is engaged for using the tools and it creates a HUGE suction. Keep your face away from it.

When the handle is down at an angle, this disengages the suction for the tools and puts it in the bottom of the vacuum.

5- It is very quiet. Surprisingly so considering how well it works.

6- It is small enough that I can store it in my closet.

7- Since it doesn’t have a bag, it doesn’t get that funky smell to it when it is in the closet.

a. After each use, take out the filter and rinse out the dirt container with warm water, NOT HOT, then let it dry out. This will keep the dirt from sticking to the sides.
b. They recommend that you clean the filter every three months. If you have animals and a lot of dirt, I’d do it every month.

HOPE THIS HELPS. This is a great machine and well worth the money.

Poor construction quality (By Okidokisantoki)

I purchased my Dyson DC41 Animal, new, less than a year ago. Here is a list of problems I have with it.

1. The right side of the ball broke. The right “wheel” (the one without the filter) literally just fell off while I was vacuuming. The plastic was broken inside. A week earlier, I found pieces of plastic on the floor and I wondered where it came from. Now I know. I take good care of my things, and this was just poor quality construction. When I tried to get it repaired, I just got ignored from their support team. This alone should warrant a 1 star, but there’s more…

2. The wand attachment does not work. What happens is, the suction, perhaps because it is strong, collapses the wand on itself so that there is no suction at the end of the wand. Talk about poor design. Sometimes this causes the machine to overheat and it just shuts off. So don’t plan any last minute cleaning. Again, no word from support. They won’t even let me register on their site so I can write a review there. Perhaps I’ll try some other time with a different browser (using Chrome atm).

3. The vacuum does not pick up anything other than dust. If you want to vacuum up a piece of broken pasta, a grain of rice, or anything bigger than dust, forget about it. You could go slowly for five minutes trying to pick it up or just pick it up and throw it away on your own. I end up swiffering the floor first before running the vacuum, which to me seems kind of silly. It’s unnecessarily difficult, especially since the vacuum is so hard to prop up. Which brings me to my next point…

4. The vacuum is extremely difficult to maneuver. The thing is heavy. My wife has such a hard time with it, she prefers to swiffer and mop the floor instead. Not only that, but the ball is such a stupid design.

Basically, it moves like a car, meaning that it has wide turns. You can try to move it like a normal vacuum, but it’s heavy so it’s not that comfortable.

Verdict: I could go on and on about what I don’t like about this vacuum. The truth is, it cleans the house, but at $600, you don’t expect to have so much negatives associated with it. I expected to use the vacuum for 10 years, but it broke before 1. I would never recommend this to anyone, and I’d advise everyone to stay clear of it.

*** Edit 10/17/13: I was contacted by Dyson shortly after writing this review. They were very friendly. Apparently, they had server issues which resulted in my problems with the support team. I took my vacuum in for repairs and received my vacuum back today. This is what I found out.
1. The hose folding up on itself is not a common issue. It has been fixed, according to them.
2. The warranty covers any non-accidental damage for five years. The warranty does become void, however, if you vacuum up flour or any powder-like substance as it weakens the suction power (seriously).
3. Frequent maintenance is required to maintain suction power, especially “if you have dust in the house or a lot of animal hair” (direct quote). With an active warranty, it costs $65.00. It is double that without a warranty. Keep this in mind when calculating costs before making a purchase.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum, Purple Review

Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum, Purple

(563 customer reviews)

  • Eight-chambered cyclonic design for powerful, consistent suction
  • Bag-free dirt collection with long-lasting HEPA filtration system
  • Animal turbo tool for pet hair and Dyson’s carpet care kit
  • Includes 17-foot hose, crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery attachment
  • Measures 14 by 46 by 13-1/2 inches

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Dyson DC07 Cyclone Animal Upright Vacuum, Purple Customer Reviews

A Must For All Multi Pet Owners (By Karen McCarter)

I cannot even begin to tell you the number of vacuum cleaners I have had over the years. I take in abandoned an abused animals.
Usually within 6 months the motor would go out. I have a Oreck and a Fantom Thunder. The Oreck worked great for awhile but the motor did go out and had to be replaced. I didn’t like the fact it had no on board tools and the bags are expensive and hard to find. The Fanton is heavy and it started leaking dust around the dust cup. Both of these vacuum cost amost $400.00 at the time I purchased them.
After some research I purchased this Dyson. I am so glad I did.
This vacuum is a pet lovers dream. Before I used the Dyson for the first time, I vacuumed my carpet in my family room several times with 2 other vacuums, then I went back over it with the Dyson. I expected a little more pet hair after all it was a new vacuum, but it is what else I get that shocked and embarrassed me. In the vacuum cup there was a little pet hair but there was also this ultra fine dirt, it almost looked like powder. There was so much of this dust I decided to put it in a bag and weigh it. The embarrasing part is it weighed 4#, I couldn’t believe it. You must understand I vacuum twice a day everyday and I shampoo my carpets once a month. I take pride in the fact my house has no pet odors, I work hard to make sure of this. But, all this was in my carpet. After I finished vacuuming my carpet look renewed like it was freshly shampooed.
I love this vacuum and wish I would have purchased it sooner. It is well worth every penny and then some. If has every attachment you could ever want. It took a little time to figure out how to attach them but once I did it was wonderful. The powerhead upholstery tool is fabulous.
Take if from the queen of vacuum cleaners, this is the one to buy.

So much better than any other vacuum! (By MARLA)

My last vacuum, prior to finally purchasing a Dyson Animal, was a top-of-the-line Hoover WindTunnel V2. When it was new, the Hoover performed well, and I really loved the Turbo Tool (a smaller version of the similar attachment which comes with the Dyson); but the main H.E.P.A. filter cartridge was clogged and ruined in short order by the super-fine local dust in my carpet (I live on a hill, surrounded by protected, undeveloped County land, in a semi-semi-semi-rural area, and there is always a fine coat of dust on everything), not to mention the dog hair and cat hair, the parakeet down and birdseed, dried bits of grass, burrs and foliage which get dragged-in stuck to the cats, and the dirt left behind by a messy plumbing contractor husband (he comes home with his jeans covered in clumps of dried-on mud, which of course flakes off and crumbles all over the place as he walks around the house, and he wonders why that upsets me).
In my house, the Hoover H.E.P.A. filters only lasted about 20% of the recommend filter life. After replacing the filters only 5 times, I had already nearly doubled the original cost of the Hoover vacuum within about a year!
I had known about the Dyson for quite a while, but was reluctant to invest the extra money…until I allowed myself to face the fact that replacing the Hoover filters was costing an arm and a leg on a fairly frequent basis, and continuing to buy filters was just dumb, when there was an alternative.
I started searching for the best price on the Dyson (I’m virtually always a staunch comparison shopper anyway, just on principle). I shopped and shopped and waited and waited and finally got the Dyson Animal on sale.
Man, I wish I had just broken down and bought it earlier.
What a difference!

Like another of the Reviewers here, I tested the Dyson by first vacuuming with the Hoover WindTunnel (new filters installed), and following immediately with the Dyson Animal. The Dyson made the Hoover seem like a toy! It removed 2 times over again the amount of dirt, dust, lint, fuzz, bits of dried grass and leaves, crumbs and pet hair from carpet I had just vacuumed with the Hoover moments earlier! And I had thought that my carpet was pretty clean after vacuuming with the Hoover WindTunnel. YUCK!
The Dyson grooms the carpet really well, too; lifting the nap and making it appear all plush and nearly new. Must be that constant suction power.
Any other readily available vacuum, bag or bag-less, upright or canister, just cannot compete with the modern Dyson cyclonic technology.
A Dyson is also simple to operate, rolls smoothly, doesn’t tip over, and is not heavy (once you get it out of the box and assembled). The controls, multiple functions, cord holder, attachments, etc. are well designed and easy to manipulate. It is easy to lift (has a strategically placed handle) for moving about or to carry upstairs. The “Lifetime” filters can be easily cleaned just by rinsing or washing in mild sudsy water – follow the instructions and the recommended timetable; it even has a built-in reminder of when the filter should be cleaned.
The Dyson is also a lot easier to clean, and to empty the catching bin. It seems to generate far less static electricity than other plastic-housed machines, and dust doesn’t build-up on it as readily.
It is far more versatile than most other vacuums, especially with the accessories that come with the Animal model, and – considering its power – IT IS VERY QUIET! You can actually carry-on a conversation while vacuuming with a Dyson, by speaking only a little louder than normal, instead of shouting “WHAT?!” or having to stop your cleaning when somebody just simply cannot wait to ask you something.
Based on my experience, I would highly recommend a Dyson for anyone who is shopping for a full-sized vacuum cleaner.
Yes, it seems quite a bit more money to spend for a small household appliance, and is even very expensive for many people; save-up for it if you can! It will be well worth it. The Dyson cleans better than any other vacuum currently on the market, and keeping your carpets and upholstery clean will extend the fabric life, and help keep them looking in top condition.
I can hardly wait for Dyson to come up with a compact, “light-weight”, “stick” version. Wonder if that’s in the works?

An outstanding Vacuum Cleaner! (By David Solinsky)

Let me begin by saying that I have three dogs and two cats. Pet hair is the biggest cleaning challenge in our house.
After convincing my wife to discontinue our professional cleaning service, due to increasing costs, I volunteered to take the cleaning duties related to the floors and the furniture. My wife foolishly took on the kitchen, bathrooms, and dusting. What my wife didn’t know was that I had been reading up on the Dyson "Animal".
The "Animal" arrived just two days after our last professional cleaning. I immediately vacuumed the entire house and was absolutely amazed at how much pet hair and dirt I pulled out of the carpets and off our hardwood floors. Our house has never been so absent of pet hair. Even my pets were beside themselves. My wife was thoroughly impressed. She said that the house looked and smelled cleaner than ever!
The "Animal" is a total cleaning machine. It easily attacked hardwood floors, carpets, curtains, furniture, and stairs. It’s the best cleaning machine I have ever used. Adding a sixth animal to our family was the best thing I ever did!
If you have pets and need a high powered cleaning machine, get the "Animal"! It’s worth the money! I donated my old cleaning machines to our YMCA.

Dog Breeder’s Dream Machine (By Jennifer Roberson)

I first read about the Dyson in PEOPLE Magaine last year. It sounded incredible–but wasn’t available in the US. Came across it yesterday in a home catalog, and that in turn sent me to the stunning Dyson website. Came to Amazon and started reading reviews. My, my, I thought. Sounds too good to be true.
My hobby is breeding/showing Cardigan Welsh Corgis. They have thick double coats, and when they shed out for the season, there’s a lot of hair everywhere. Especially when one owns NINE of them. The dogs bring in a lot of dirt and grit; the wind does the rest. (Plus two indoor-only cats.)
I vacuumed first with my top-of-the-line Hoover Windtunnel. Then vacuumed with R2D2′s younger, fancier brother, the Animal. (When switched around, the wand puts me in mind of a lightsaber!) In a 12×12 carpeted den, just rug-raked and vacuumed, the Animal pulled up three canisters of grit, dust, dirt–and hair!
I say unto you: Go thou and buy.
Positives: It’s every bit as good as advertised and reviewed.
Negatives: I’m used to a canister with a retractable cord, which the Dyson machines lack, so there’s time spent keeping the slack cord out of the way. But who cares when everything else is so great??

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV450 Review

Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner - Model NV450

$224.99($299.99 25% off )(86 customer reviews)

  • - Enhanced Swivel Steering: Easily maneuver vacuum into corners and along tough base board areas.
  • - Longer Reach: Extra long stretch hose for the areas that are difficult to reach.
  • - Complete Seal Anti-Allergen Filter: Successfully filters 99.9% of dust and allergens with sealed HEPA filter housing.
  • - Brush Roll Control: Easily control the brush roll feature for seamless vacuuming between carpet and hardwood floors.
  • - No Suction Loss Technology: vacuum can move from surface to surface without the loss of suction.

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Shark Rotator PowerLight Professional Vacuum Cleaner – Model NV450 Customer Reviews

Great for a lightweight primary or secondary vacuum (By Art T.)

First off, I’m a guy. I’m a former Marine and I don’t like cleaning, it gives me flashbacks of our Thursday night field day cleaning duties. But I do maintain a clean house. I’ve been out for a number of years and I can afford to have a cleaning crew once a week. So i don’t need a vacuum technically but I wanted a good one for in between cleanings. I live in a small one story house. Most of my floors are hardwood or tile, but I have a couple of bedrooms with brand new dense carpet. My old Hoover Windtunnel would just not work on the new carpet, it wouldnt move when you turned on the brushes, I think the brushes would not turn in the thick new carpet, for whatever reason. It was easily ten years old and had served me well. I didn’t want to spend top dollar on a full size Dyson or even a full size Shark or other maker vacuum. I was at Sam’s club last week and noticed they had this model. I did my due diligence, read all the reviews on Amazon and today picked it up for 159 at Sam’s. I brought it home, set it up in a minute (so easy to do really) and set out to do my carpets. The Shark N450 did have some problem with the new carpet. It’s a really dense expensive carpet and I’m sure that its just tough to vacuum these kinds of carpets. The N450 was able to get it done. The suction is very powerful and sucked up stuff that my house cleaners vacuum (they were here three days ago) missed, the dustbin really filled up with some nasty hair and dust. I live alone and I have a German Shepherd and he sheds like all dogs, so it’s something I have to deal with. The rotator steering works fine. I don’t really need it in my house but it works as advertised. The brush head switch is easily accessible high up on the machine and once I shut it off I did my wood floors and area rugs with ease.

What is particularly easy is transitioning from rugs/carpets to bare floors since the brush roll switch is high up and you don’t have to bend down to get at it. The lights work find for shadowy areas or if you’re doing low light cleaning operations :) . Emptying the dust cup was very easy, but because it’s new machine for me I wanted it to stay new looking so cleaned it out and air dried the parts. So easy to do I did it in my kitchen sink, took a few seconds to hose everything out. I don’t see a downside for me with this purchase, especially compared to my old Windtunnel which was much heavier, took up more room, and I had to buy bags for it. If you don’t need a full size vacuum, this can’t be beat in my opinion. I’ll tell you that I’m so glad I didn’t drop 350 on the smaller Dyson.

FANTASTIC!!!! LOVE IT!! (By Samina)

First thing I noticed was the lightness of the Shark. It is so easy to maneuver (even for us weaklings!) The suction was fantastic and the dirt it picked up was lets say – more than embarassing. All the attachments were easy to use and emptying the canister. All the filters worked magnificently & since it was my first time using it I washed the filters which were horrifyingly filthy. They came out clean, dried easily, & popped esily back into place ready for the next times use. I love it! A very smart purchase for anyone.

Has better power than my Eureka (By Cedar Waggoner)

I love the power of this machine. The one thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars was the fact that the cord is way too short. I do not like to unplug and plug in again in every room.

Amazing Vaccuum (By Melody DiPascale)

Let me start by saying I currently own a Dyson pet hair vacuum. I literally just took my new Shark Rotator out of the box started vacuuming and I am just taking a break to write this review. My new Shark Rotator puts the Dyson to shame. I thought my Dyson was doing a good job of cleaning my floors. I am embarrased at how dirty my carpets still were. The Shark Rotator is picking up dirt and pet hair that have been in my carpet for I don’t know how long. While I have been writing this review, my husband who works from home, stole the vacuum and all I can hear is the hum of the vacuum and him saying “This thing is crazy good” Dont spend all that money on the Dyson when you can have a vacuum that is far better at cleaning and much less expensive.

Thank you Shark for the amazing vacuum.

love this vacuum (By lily)

I have been looking for a lightweight vacuum that actually vacuums! When I saw the Shark Rotator advertised on tv I looked it up on Amazon. I was impressed with what I saw and liked the reviews so I ordered it. It arrived yesterday, I was amazed at how fast it came. I used it for the first time yesterday and I love it! It does everything it says it will. It is lightweight, it picks up everything, the suction is fantastic. It was a snap to put together out of the box. I love that the buttons and knobs are very well printed so I can see what they are. I am 90 years old and this makes vacuuming so easy. It picks up every speck on my floors and also picks up dog hair so easily. I was thinking of buying a Dyson but I think they are so overly priced, so I went with this Shark and very happy I did. I highly recommend it. The price is right and Amazon makes it a pleasure to shop online with no shipping charges.

Shark Rotator (By R.W. Bushnell)

This is a very nice product. The only thing I don’t like about it is the size of the canister. It works very well and is easy to use. Since I am older the self propelled is a very good feature.

MY SHARK (By Susan)

Love this on carpets and floors. Woulds recommend to friends and family. Have to cats and it picks up their hair with ease. I also love my Dyson..

Love this vacuum (By Anne L. Dennis)

Over the years, and there are many, I believe I have owned every vacuum out there. Believed all the adds about the power, the ease , and durability of theses other brand name vacuums and have always been so disappointed. After all the thousands of dollars I went through trying to find "the vacuum" that performed the way it was demonstrated but never did I was about to give up. Then I saw the Shark Rotator. I knew the Shark name but never owned one and felt I would give it one last try. I have never been more amazed than with this machine.. Its great. The suction , the way it handles and the ease of taking it out and putting it away.I am so happy to say that my Shark Rotator Powerlight is the last vacuum I will ever have to purchase.. Thank You Shark.
Annie Dennis

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) Review

Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L)

$220.09(1,573 customer reviews)

  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Lightweight and Easy to Maneuver
  • Premium Pet Hair Cleaning Tools with Pet Power Brush
  • Easy Access Extended Reach Wand
  • Large Capacity, Bottom Empty Dust Cup

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Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22L) Customer Reviews

Help for the dirtiest family in the world! (By Cheryl A. Faller)

I think I read every review on Amazon and WalMart before I bought this sucker yesterday! The problem with most bagless vacs seems to be that the dust filters clog up quickly and greatly reduce the suction force available. Further, I priced those filters at WalMart yesterday and the range seems to be $8-$18- surely I will save enough over the lifetime of this vacuum to compensate.

The fact that the box advertised the mighty power of “never loses suction” plus the 5 year warranty convinced me to spend the extra $$. This is engineered more like a shop vac, in that it bypasses the air filters on the intake, thus preserving suction.

Good stuff: 1. the filters are washable, and they’ve included an extra set so you have something to use while the originals are drying. 2. the “never loses suction” promise is true. Just pay attention to that max fill line on the dust cup. I’m guessing you could break the vacuum if you didn’t empty it faithfully, but what the heck- it’s darn easy and quick to do. 3. you are given the ability to choose whether or not the beater brush is on- and you can switch modes while the unit is in operation. 4. small head means you can get into all those weird tight places where your dirty family dropped slop. 5. a cord holder clip on the handle of the vac so you don’t have to hold it.

My actual performance review: 1.) carpet- no height adjustment here, but don’t worry, you won’t need it- one less decision to agonize over. (That was a joke.) My main vacuum is a 30 year old, 5000 lb. Kirby- and after using this shark, the carpet looked newer than it had in years. Lots of nasty slop in the dust cup after. Got those linty things that were stubbornly clinging to the carpet despite repeated vacuuming. 2.

) bare tile floor- normally, you can’t use a vac with beater brushes in the head, because the brushes kick the debris back out the back of the vacuum at your feet- and with the shark, you don’t have to because you can turn the brushes off. But wait- there’s more! Because we live in Florida, yesterday it was 80 degrees out with lots of humidity (even though it’s Dec. 13 as I write this), so would you believe, some of that dirt was clinging to the tiles because of the humidity, I guess. Now, I really have to praise the design of this vac- every time I got to a place with stuck-on dirt, I just turned the brushes back on- without having to turn off the vac or even put the vac back into the upright position. 3.) Of course I emptied the dust cup- even the kids will be able to do it, it’s simple. And amazingly enough, even though the dust cup was frighteningly filthy, the filters looked pristine. (They have a screen in the loop, too.)

Pet hair- since my 12 year old is in training to be a crazy cat lady, we have a bunch of long haired cats. Not a problem, although if you have a long haired dog, I recommend getting the magical brush attachment for upholstery. (The pet brush doesn’t come with the cheaper WalMart version- just the short crevice tool and a tiny cleaning brush.)

Not perfect: 1.) cord is not auto-retractable, so plan on spending a minute winding it up when you’re done. 2.) there are holes in the crevice tool and brush, so to get optimal suckage when you’re using them, place your thumb and forefinger over the holes.

And finally, I was so freaked out by the negative comments on even the BEST vacuums Amazon had to offer, I was thinking there’s no way I would spend more than $50, but consider this: No bags or filters to buy, and a 5 year guarantee- when a company offers that, they’re telling me they have a lot of confidence in the longevity and quality of their product. Would you believe, I actually prayed about this before I went into the store?

Will update if it turns out this vacuum sucks in the negative sense.

Exceeded My Expectations (By M. Hester)

I bought the Navigator yesterday from Bed, Bath and Beyond. I really am impressed with the performance and results. I have been putting in a lot of research into finding a vacuum that met my families needs.

I own a Eureeka “The Boss” and have had it for over three years. It just doesn’t pick up deep, ground in dirt. Plus it really is a pain to go to the store and pick-up bags and make sure your getting the correct one’s. That was my case against getting an Oreck.

Well I brought the navigator home and I have been converted. I like many others vegged out on the infomercial. They make the vacuum sound like it’s going to save the world from dust and dirt. They also focus on how they were able to copy the features of the Dyson for less money. I felt if they had to copy a vacuum you might as well get the original.

Well after having spent the last week vacuuming my carpet with my old Eureeka twice, then using a Hoover steam vac carpet cleaner, which actually pulled up junk my Eureeka didn’t and it’s not even a real vacuum. After the carpet had dried I went over my carpet again with my Eureeka again to make sure the carpets were clean enough for my 3 year old.

So now last night I get the navigator home and put it together ( which was extremely easy) and I carefully review the directions. I had never owned a bagless so I wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to do anything that harmed the lifetime filters. Not much to it actually. Just wash the two sponge (forgot the official names) filters every three months, they give you spares while the originals are drying, and replace the thin sponge filter every twelve months. Easy enough.

Now for the vacuuming. I went over the same exact spots in our living room I had done with the steam vac and the Eureeka.

I couldn’t believe the amount of caked up dirt/dust clumps sucked into the Navigator dust bin. I was really disgusting. It was like that old insulation material that they used to use in attics. It was nasty. But that illustrated how powerfull this vacuum is. It really does get stuff the other vacuums don’t. Dirt and dust you can’t even see. I really mean this. I was blown away.

Now granted I had just spent about $160 on this vacuum so I wanted it to work. I am biased towards making it work. But the dust bin doesn’t lie. That’s another plus about bagless vacuums you get to actually see what’s in your carpets. Not pretty but eye opening.

How this vacuum exceeded my expectations was the noise level. Now there is no vacuum that is whisper quiet. However compared to my Eureeka and the steam vac, and other vacuums I and my parents had owned in the past this Navigator was quieter then any other vacuum I have had experience with. I have never turned on a Dyson only played with manuevering it in the store. But I was able to vacuum after 10:00pm in a town home with neighbors on both sides.

Another great feature is how compact this vacuum is. Now it’s not particullary light. You are not going to lift it with your pinky as you can with some vaccums(the Garry and Oreck). But I am able to haul it upstairs ( we have three levels so we are always going up and down stairs). Storing it in the closet is a breeze because it’s so small. And as I said my wife and son and I live in a town house so there is limited space.

Now here is my only gripe. This is is not unique to the Navigator. Any bagless vacuum is an absolute terror when it comes to emptying what you’ve sucked up. Sure it’s easy with the quick emptying dust bin’s but unless you wrap a bag around the bin that dust is going to shoot back into the air. YOU MUST EMPTY ANY BAGLESS VACUUM OUTSIDE. That is just the only way you can insure not to contaminate the air inside your house with the same stuff your just sucked up. This is where bagged vacuums with sealing solutions like the Oreck, some hoovers, and the Garry have the advantage. But again you have to pay for bags the entire life of the vacuum and bag vacuums lose suction the more that you vacuum. Remember dirt and dust just doesn’t automatically find the bottom of the bag. It takes the path of least resistance with most of the time is sticking to the top of the bag or near the opening which will clog the whole quickly which will impede the suction power. That is one of the reasons why I am able to pick up things with my navigator that I can’t pick up with my Eureeka. If they could ever create a clear bag, no lose of suction vacuum I will be the first in line.

So to sum this up, I don’t work for Shark and I don’t get a bonus for referring this vacuum. I just love it’s performance compared to my previous vacuums. I went with this over the Dyson because I just don’t believe that I should have to spend over $300 – $500 on a vacuum. If this vacuum holds up over time then I will have save a considerable amount of money upfront and over time. It’s just a winner all around. It has a 5 year warranty and above all that at Bed, Bath and Beyond there return policy is unlimited. As long as you have the reciept and original packaging you can bring a product back 3 months from now, 6 months from now, or 6 years from now. Plus I used those 20% coupons I always get in the mail from them and chopped off $40.

I really love this vacuum and so far recommend it. If you have any additional questions about it please feel free to email me at [...]. I know that if you spend as much time as I did researching vacuums you will want to know exactly what you are getting. I didn’t even have time to tell you about the included tools. Of course I haven’t used them yet since I just got the vacuum yesterday.

Real happy so far (By Paulina)

I just got my NV22 vacuum yesterday and wanted to report on my general sense of happiness with the product so far. The main reason why I’m happy is that I spent a very long time vacuuming my bedroom the day before with my old vacuum, but when I brought this one home and went over it again, I ended up with A LOT of dust and dog hair in the dust receptacle. I couldn’t believe it. All that stuff was simply left behind by my old vacuum. That was the proof in the pudding for me.

Other reactions:
- putting it together after taking it out of the box was a snap.
- I loooove the long hose for off floor cleaning. I was able to do my walls and even ceiling without having to move or pick up the vacuum.
- The wheels are really great.. I have a lot of hardwood flooring, and I like how they glide on it. With my old one, it almost felt like they could scratch the floors, but these are rubberized and glide really smoothly.
- it’s easy to maneuver. I know that’s the big claim that Dyson has with their ball thing, but I played with that in the store a few times and each time found it more cumbersome that I would have hoped. With this vacuum, I feel a great self propelled pull when I turn the brush on, and while it’s off, the wheels and lightness of it allow me to glide it about really easily.
- The disposal of debris was really easy and not as messy as other vacuums (from the reviews I’ve read before buying this one). I followed the directions and put the whole thing in a bag, then pressed a button and the trap door released at the bottom of the bin. This seemed much easier than the Eureka models I was playing with in the store, which required quite forceful twisting, where I had to have the bin at my chest to finally get it to open.

I imagine that would have resulted in a lot of dust in my face, if I was doing it for real. So, none of this was an issue here and that’s good.
-The whole unit is narrow/compact, which makes it fit into my rather small utility storage area. (This was an important issue for me since so many other vacs are so big!.. almost like the SUVs of vacuums)
- I like the suction power. It’s 12 amps, like the large vacuums, and it is guaranteed to not lose suction like the Dyson, but the price tag is much more attractive.
- it’s much more quieter than my old vacuum. Maybe we can finally help our dog recuperate from her vac-phobia?

Little surprises:
- The bottom part of the vac is really small, which surprised me. But it’s a plus for me… it’s lighter and fits better into my storage area.
- There is no way to control the height of the vac (as in for high versus low carpets and bare floor). But that’s fine too.. it’s actually designed to work at this one height, so switching between floors and carpets is easier. (btw. I am REALLY enjoying vacuuming my floors with it.. really smooth and gets everything, doesn’t push stuff around like my old upright)
-The dust brush attachment is not my favorite, my old vac had one where the bristles were much longer, letting you scrub stuff to really get pet hair out… this one has shorter hair that bends easily and doesn’t scrub as much. But I believe the NV22L that amazon is offering will come with a special pet hair brush, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I bought the cheaper NV22 version in Walmart that doesn’t come with those bells and whistles.
- The weight is 15 pounds, which to me, is not as lightweight as I would have expected based on some other models (which are closer to 10 pounds), but it’s still much lighter than the other big vacs, and since the off floor tube is so long, I don’t have to lift it very much anyway, so it’s not a problem.

Overall I’m super happy with it so far. I’ll try to report back if my opinion of the product wavers over time. But, with a 1 year money back guarantee and a 5 year warranty, it sounds like I’ll be able to remedy the situation if something comes up.


UPDATE <12/02/2010>

Hi everyone, just wanted to give an update as to how the vacuum is holding up after over a year of use. So far so good. Nothing has broken, I’ve been able to clear out the compartments as the instructions suggest every few months. I continue to be super happy with how the long extending hose. I do notice that it seems to be getting a little stretched out and hangs a little looser on the back, but it is nothing that has been annoying. Suction continues to be good… though I’m not doing any comparisons with new vacuums, LOL. But overall I’m still happy.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner- Factory Reconditioned Review

Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner- Factory Reconditioned

(104 customer reviews)

  • Root Cyclone? technology- patented technology that doesn?t lose suction power as you vacuum
  • Ball? technology steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist
  • Mini turbine head attachment removes pet hair and dirt from tight spaces such as upholstery, stairs and the car
  • Powerful pet hair pickup
  • Quick-draw Telescope Reach? wand

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Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner- Factory Reconditioned Customer Reviews

Odd Ball (By James M. Cook Jr.)

back about 10 years ago I bought the very first dyson when they first hit the market spent some where around $900 for it, And loved it. In fact I still have it and it works just as good now as the day i bought it from sears. My Mother also loves it, and how easy it is to clean.

So I decided to buy myself the DC25 and give her my orginal DC.

Pros on the new DC25: It’s smaller and the attachment actually stay on the vacuum so no more lost attachments. It does everything my old DC did, and the suction on it is good, but seems a little less then my older DC. (after researching I found that the smalled DC do have a little less suction.)

Cons: the odd ball thing, it’s like trying to steer a wheel barrel with one handle. The animal attachment doesn’t have a click on stop on the vacuum itself so you have to keep up with it, and lastly the cord. Dyson is wonderiful because they give you a extra long cord on all their vacuums so that you can clean the whole house without having to plug and unplug in each room, the down side is you’re fighitng with that cord the whole time. I love the long cord but wish it was retrackable or something.

all in all, i like the DC25 but, if i had it to do again I think i would have when with the DC28, there’s no odd ball and it gets a little more suction. (plus it’s only $10 more)

Looked New to Me (By P. Meyer)

A friend recommened the Dyson Ball Animal. I know nothing about vacs. I purchased this factory reconditioned item and when it arrived there was no evidence that it was not new. I figure “new” and individually attended to by a factory technician is about as good as it gets. Better than off an assembly line. Obviously works very well.

Updating 11/15/2012. Yes, it does come with a warranty….6 months.

Best Vacuum I have Ever Owned (By PointLisse)

Much lighter than a regular vac, and more powerful to boot. Great suction.

Some complain that it is too small. I say this is a benefit. It makes it lightweight and the ball provides such good navigability that you work less hard moving it, even though you might be covering more ground per push (due to smaller than average head length).

Some complain that the canister is too small. I did too, but that’s simply due to the fact it pulls out SO much dirt and grime from the carpet that it’s borderline gross. Seemingly as if I never vacuumed at all. This improves over time however, and emptying the canister is easy-peezy.

On the canister — funny story. On the first hour of ownership, I was holding it up to show my wife how much gunk it collected, when I noticed I red button. Leaving no no button unpushed, I quickly learned that this opens the bottom of the canister, neatly depositing the entire contents of my living room onto my shoes.

Point being, it is super-easy and allery-friendly way to dispose of the refuse collected. I simply put the canister deep into a trashcan and release. No particles or dust escape that I notice.

My favorite feature… brush cleanup. My wife sheds more than the dog and her long hair was always tangled in my previous vacuum, to the point where it clogged the gears and caused it it’s untimely death. The beater bar (and the handtool too) easily detaches from the head to allow easy (and I do mean easy) cleanup. This took a 30 minute, messy job to almost nothing. Worth it for this alone!

My refurb was purchased from amazon and came like it was 100% new. Well packaged and clean as a whistle.

Highly recommend.

Love this vacuum (By Michael R.)

I will say I was nervous about buying a reconditioned vacuum. I bought this from one of Amazon’s website I received the vacuum in a box just as you would expect to find brand new minus the fancy pictures. It came in a plain brown box. All the parts had cardboard fittings for them and the vacuum itself was in perfect condition. I cannot tell a bit of difference in functionality either. I have had it probably about 3 weeks. If I run into any problems, I will update my review. This vacuum is very east to maneuver and collects an amazing amount of stuff left behind other vacuums. I will say this, my cleaning ladies came and vacuumed and I immediately went behind them with this vac and picked up literally about a half of canister of hair and dust behind them. I will say I have a medium long haired dog so I might have a little more stuff burred in my carpet. I have been very impressed thus far.

Fantastic!!! (By Amazon Customer)

We hemmed and hawed for months about spending this much money on a dyson. I’d read about the pros and cons of each dyson (animal vs multi floor) and we decided on the this model- we have 2 cats, a dog and a mix of hardwood and carpet. This model includes the onboard attachments which are so handy for stairs, furniture, cobwebs, etc.

The vacuum arrived very quickly after ordering and my 14 year old son had it assembled before I could unwrap the instructions and figure out which piece belonged where. The design is clever- everything snaps together securely, all the pieces feel pretty sturdy.. and the thing still feels fairly lightweight. It looked nearly brand-new. The only signs of wear we could find were some scratches on the bottom of the ball- and who cares about that?! All the attachments looked brand new and clean.

So far we can’t find ANYTHING to complain about. The suction is fantastic. LIke so many other posters have mentioned, I vacuumed a ‘clean’ floor and couldn’t believe how much dust we sucked up. It must have been coming up from under the carpet! It’s really that strong! We haven’t noticed any scratches on the hardwood floors either- we just make sure the beater brush is turned off when we are off the carpet.

Very happy with this product!

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Rotator Professional (NV402) Review

Shark Rotator Professional (NV402)

$218.49($249.99 13% off )(114 customer reviews)

  • Never Loses Suction Technology
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology + HEPA
  • Rotator Technology Enhanced Swivel Steering and better deep carpet cleaning
  • Extended Above Floor Reach and Premium Pet and Allergy Tools

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Shark Rotator Professional (NV402) Customer Reviews

Shark Rotator Profession Extended Reach Vacuum NV402 (By Jenn)

Shark® Rotator(tm) Professional Extended Reach Vacuum NV402

To Note: The description claims this is a 3 in 1 and can become a canister or liftaway. I am not sure if this is the right description for this model the NV402. I purchased my NV402 from Bed Bath and Beyond and it is not a 3 in 1 which is why I specifically bought it. Just want to clarify that.

This vacuum is replacing my 4+ year old Bissell pet hair eraser so I can’t compare it to any of the newer vacuum models. First off I bought this from Bed Bath and Beyond because I had a %20 off coupon and free shipping that brought the original price of $219 to $175. This particular one came with an asthma and allergy attachment kit. I choose this Rotator instead of the already popular 3-in-1 rotator because I have a rather new canister vacuum and didn’t want another one with more parts than I needed that I would have to find a place to store. We live in a smaller space and I didn’t want more stuff than I needed. I was a bit disappointed in that the only tools that the vacuum has room for you to store on the unit itself is the crevice tool and brush. So I have three other tools I have to find a place for and there was no bag that came with for storage of these.

After receiving my box I promptly opened it and started taking everything out. I laid all the pieces out and then followed the direction to put together. This was not difficult and took about 10 minutes (some things I needed to reread to make sure I was doing right). Once put together the unit felt very sturdy to me yet not bulky. I quickly plugged it in for it’s first test run. First thing I noticed was that there is no lever to release the unit from standing. Instead you place your foot on the base and pull back on the handle.

I love this and for some reason find it more convenient. This is also my first vacuum that “swivels” and that took a little to get use but once I adjusted to this feature I fell in love with it. The ability to get around corners and tight spots was made so much easier. I also enjoyed the smaller foot print the brush head has than my last vacuum because I can get into more spaces without having to move as many objects around. The profile of the head is also smaller than my last vacuum which allows me to vacuum further under furniture than previously which I found to be a huge plus. The vacuum was very easy to push around, nothing like my last that gave me a workout. The lights on the front are a nice feature but I don’t see myself using or needing that often.

The cord is on my left side,which is a little odd for me, as I would prefer on my right side but it is not a deal breaker by far. Plus a good thing to note is there is a cord hook on the handle that allows you to feed the cord to the right so it can still be held in the right hand easily.

I love the easy to empty canister, far superior from my old vacuum.

While I have had this vacuum only about a week and half I am in love. I empty the dust canister before each use and am amazed at how much it picks up each time and I have been vacuuming about every other day.

Should my opinions change or anything happen as time goes on I will update this review to reflect those changes but at this time I highly recommend.

*****1 Month Update 12/30/12******
I still haven’t had this product long enough to be able to state anything on the longevity or durability of this vacuum but I can comment on some new things I have noticed. I am not a huge user of attachments, and will use my canister vac for most things I need attachments for but I did want to vacuum my couches to get some dust off of them. My only complaint while doing this was that the hose was stiff and each time I pulled on it to reach further the vacuum tipped over because the hose was stiff and the vacuum so light weight but also top heavy. I wonder with some work and use if I can get the hose to loosen up. I still love this vacuum and do not regret my purchase one bit and would continue to recommend to others.

Will update again in the future when I have had more time with it to be able to comment on longevity and durability.

Impressive vacuum! (By newmommyscienceteacher)

We bought this vacuum at Bed Bath and Beyond recently (20% off coupon!) and have loved it so far! We had an older dyson that we had gotten as a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law and thought I would never find a vacuum I liked as much as the dyson. Not only was it a lot cheaper in price, the quality so far has been excellent! I am a science teacher and decided to do a little controlled experiment with it. We vacuumed our hallway (we have two very hairy cats!) with the dyson, and then went over the same area with an electrolux nimble (not impressed). We did the same experiment with the shark rotator later and were amazed at how much cat hair and dust it picked up, even right after using the dyson first!

Easily turns and maneuvers compared to the dyson
Suction is incredible (even vacuumed the cat tree with it!)
Rolls easily on carpet and tile (transitions easily back and forth)
Hose is a nice length (not in the handle like a dyson!)
Lots of various attachments for different jobs
Sound isn’t too loud or high pitched
Small enough to fit nicely in our hall closet

A little heavy, but still lighter than dyson, and still rolls nicely
One of the attachments makes a high loud sound when used on hose
Head isn’t as wide as dyson, makes for a little more work
If you pull on the hose, the vacuum does sometimes tip over, but our dyson did that too

Overall, after researching different brands and trying different vacuums, we are most impressed with this model. The price was reasonable and it has a five year warranty. Excited to see how long it lasts for!

*Note, the description does say 3 in 1, and ours does not “lift away”, but we knew that when we purchased it.

A really strong vacuum, but … (By Ray of Hudson Lake)

Have had my Shark Professional NV402 (Extended Reach) for a couple of months now and have had enough experience with it that I feel I can give it a fair review.

First thing I’d like to mention is that this Shark is rather heavy at 18lbs. I know that does not sound like much but with no power drive assist, it takes a bit of effort to push and pull through a thick carpet, such as my Cathy Ireland “Twist”. Personally, I do not mind this since I just consider it as much needed exercise, but I thought that I should mention it anyway.

Next … this is the best carpet vacuum I have ever owned. It’s amazing what it gets out of the carpet each time I use it (once a week or so). A twist carpet has a rather thick, high pile so that should give you an idea on what my Shark is it up against. It does it great!

However, I find the couch and other cleaning accessories are rather difficult to use. This seems to be attributed to the really tightly sprung “flexible” hose which keeps pulling against the accessory in your hand. This usually ends up pulling the vacuum itself to the floor. That hose is really not very long so you are always adjusting the position of the vacuum base. Maybe this will improve as the hose ages and loses some of that new spring tension … but I doubt it. The accessory handle on the upholstery Power Brush seems to have a few “pinch” points too, which can be a somewhat painful nuisance. Don’t get me wrong … it vacuums the upholstered things great … it’s just I find it difficult to use. I’ve kept my old canister vacuum to handle these upholstery chores, just in case.

If I find out later that it is just me and I am doing something wrong, I’ll modify this review.

All in all … I like the Shark and am not sorry I bought it.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Electrolux Nimble Brushroll Clean, Bagless Upright Vacuum, EL8902A Review

Electrolux Nimble Brushroll Clean, Bagless Upright Vacuum, EL8902A

$324.99($349.99 7% off )(11 customer reviews)

  • Smooth swivel steering twists and turns around furniture with ease
  • Exclusive Brushroll Clean Technology??the first self-cleaning brushroll?removes tangled hair and string with the touch of a buttom
  • 14 feet of cleaning reach with the one-touch quick-release wand for performance cleaning high and low
  • 3-in-1 Versatool? is one simple, innovative tool for cleaning corners, crevices and stairs
  • Washable HEPA filter captures and locks-in 99.97% of dust, dirt and allergens

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Electrolux Nimble Brushroll Clean, Bagless Upright Vacuum, EL8902A Customer Reviews

Fantastic Value (By gerardo velez)

I must say that this vacuum impresses me. I don’t like to buy cheap things and I researched everything you’d find in a local big box store and some of the hard to find elite models. So after careful consideration and the lack of desire to buy the Ferrari of vacuums (Dyson), I decided to go for the orange Lamborghini (Electrolux) instead and I am very pleased. I don’t have pets or kids, but I can say that if I did, it would still impress me. This vacuum definitely gets the job done. It is easily maneuverable with its rotating head and it has excellent suction. It actually kind of drags as you push it because it makes a great suction seal between the carpet and the head. I also surprisingly like the Brushroll Clean feature. This model is also very quiet and the dust canister is easy to remove and clean. It is also durable. It is not as light as an Oreck, but it is manageable. The only thing that I was disappointed in was that it lacks an LED headlight and automatic cord retractor. However, the cord is a good length at 30 feet and with a 5 year warranty and great styling, I can see this Lamborghini lasting more than 5 years and looking just as good too.


I inherited one Electrolux and was given another Electrolux. Through no fault of the vacuums, I ended up with no Electrolux. I am delighted to be back in the fold. The product description was accurate. Excellent vacuum. Easy to use. The dust filter is a one-handed affair to remove and dump. If you, like me, have had a vacuum with a dust filter that required a PhD to empty, then you will appreciate the ease of use on this baby.

Noise is always a factor, and this fella ain’t quiet. However, I have an 18-month old baby child and she was not the least bit frightened by the noise.

Suction is excellent. I was surprised by how much dirt and grime was in the carpet. YIKES!

All of that and, its even my favorite color. (Cue nostalgic moment for Indiana Jones fans.)

Love this vacuum (By awsome game)

Had a Dyson for years and loved it but this time I tried the Electrolux. It picks up on both carpet and hardwood.

Amaing machine at an amazing price (By Stephen R. Galli)

I am very, very pleased with this purchase. First of all, I am what my wife would call a clean freak. We don’t allow shoes on in the house, etc. I have had/used many vacuums in the past (Meile, HVACs, Electolux, Shark) and really expect a lot from my vacuum. I have to tell you, this one really delivers. Most importantly, the price is right. I would have expected a vacuum like this to cost close to $800 – not the sub $400 price I paid. Why is it great? 1) This is not a light vacuum. Which means it is built well. But for those afraid of the weight, it has a really well designed, ergonomically correct carrying handle so even weaklings can carry it up the stairs. 2) Suction is excellent. 3) The brush roll SELF CLEANS! No more snipping for hours at the hairs/threads/etc that gunk up a brush roll. This things cleans itself with a touch of a button (how it does this I have no idea – I picture some razor blades popping out down there and..?). Bottom line is, the brush will always look and perform like new. 4) Bagless, Normally I am a hepa-filter and bag kind of guy. I always felt that the bagless vacs were kind of gross. I like the ability to just throw away a vac bag and put in a new one with a new filter, However, they really made this bagless grime collector cool. Because you can actually see the gunk being collected as you vacuum (who knew my rugs, which I thought were immaculate, were full of dust and hair that this baby sucked right up!). The hepa filter is hand washable, so once it gets really dusty, just wash it and you are good to go.

Since I just got this, I can’t attest to its durability. But I love it so much I may even buy a second one just to keep in the basement.

Other things to be aware of:
-electrical cord is sturdy and long, but has to be manually wrapped up – no auto wind, Some people might find that annoying.
-No lights for night-time cleaning. I could care less but light is important for some.
-3 speed settings – high carpet, low carpet and bare floor. Really all that is high suction, low suction, and high suction without the brush.
-The wand is cleverly designed such that it "pops" out of the unit and extends really well. Comes with corner/crevice/brush tools that attach right onto the unit.
- It stands up by itself in a nicely locked position and has an easy release button when you want to start using it
- Beyond the three settings, there is no other ability to control the suction power, EXCEPT when using the wand alone. The wand has a slider button that controls suction power.

It’s nice to see that Electrolux still knows how to make a great vacuum (even if their foray into other appliances was a mistake). What is even more nice is the value. Amazing machine for the price. I don’t see myself shelling out the big bucks for a German model ever again.

GREAT Vacuum (By Caroline Mast)

I have a dust allergy and the doc said a hepa vacuum would help in my bedroom. I purchased this Electrolux and you would not believe how much it picks up quickly and thoroughly. I did vacuum before I used the Electrolux just to see how much more it picked up. You would not believe it filled the canister. I was in awe to think that much more dust and debris was left after regular vacuuming. My allergy has greatly improved and I am very happy about that.

Pitiful tools, terrible support AND it stopped working after 1 week (By Matt Kyle)

After the first use I was impressed and amazed at how well it cleans, except that the multitool that comes with it is useless and their position on the handle hits my leg when I’m sweeping. Fine, so I’ll buy the right tools in the flier they included with the manual. Then the very next weekend the brushroll stopped rotating. It will spin if I push the brushroll clean pedal, but won’t spin to vacuum. The website for Electrolux is frustratingly slow and badly designed. A quick Google search shows other users have found their support unhelpful also.

Has anyone else noticed that with Amazon purchases, the manufacturers seem to use a delaying tactic to drag-out support until after the 30 day return? Keep your boxes people, and return it immediately if there are any problems. It’s not worth the hassle.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Electrolux EL8905AZ Nimble BrushRoll Clean Vacuum Review

Electrolux EL8905AZ Nimble BrushRoll Clean Vacuum

$356.99($449.99 21% off )(1 customer review)

  • Never Loses Suction: Continuous suction power to thoroughly clean your home Brushroll Clean Technology: Removes tangled hair from the brushroll for you with the simple touch of a button Swivel Steering: Twists and turns round your corners and furniture with ease
  • One-Touch Quick-Release Wand: Allows you to reach up high and down low with the simple touch of a button Odor-Adsorbing Filter: Keep your home cleaner and fresher smelling with an odor-adsorbing filter Sealed System: Sealed system removes dust and ensures nothing escapes back into the air in your home
  • Multi-Cyclonic System: A multi-cyclonic system reduces clogging and keeps your filter cleaner, longer VersatoolTM: Adjusts to the surfaces in your home to clean crevices, stairs and flat surfaces in one easy step Hand┬« Turbo Nozzle: Thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture and stairs
  • Multi Surface Brushroll Switch: Cleans multiple floor types so one vacuum is all you need Lifetime Belt: The Lifetime Belt reduces your maintenance because you never have to purchase replacements
  • Automatic Height Adjustment: Automatically adjusts to the proper height to clean your floor surfaces Brushroll Stair Indicator: The Electronic Brushroll Stall Indicator lets you know when to check your brushroll so you always have the highest cleaning performance Bare Floor Scatter Guard: A Bare Floor Scatter Guard prevents debris from scattering across your bare floors as you vacuum Warranty: 5 Years Electroluxe

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Electrolux EL8905AZ Nimble BrushRoll Clean Vacuum Customer Reviews

Great Vacuum (By dfred)

This vacuum has a quiet motor, yet it has very good suction. I’m very satisfied.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) Review

Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

$239.99($399.00 40% off )(966 customer reviews)

  • Never Loses Suction upright vacuum features 3 vacuums in one, a powerful upright, a lift-away pod for portable cleaning and a convenient canister vacuum
  • Extra large capacity dustcup and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology traps over 99.99% of dust and allergens inside the vacuum
  • Ultra-maneuverable swivel steering provides the ultimate control to get in and around obstacles and furniture
  • Powerful motorized brushroll can be turned on or off, providing superior performance on both carpets and bare floors
  • Includes 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501) Customer Reviews

Very pleasantly surprised (By Michael Flux)

*** 8 Month Update at the bottom of this review ***

First let me start by saying that overall as a brand I strongly dislike Shark. I don’t have anything against them personally but the endless annoying and trashy infomercials and the fact that a lot of their older vacuums sucked beyond belief, I honestly am not too thrilled with them as a company.

A few years ago I got a Bissell Pet Hair Eraser vacuum, model 3920, and very quickly became disappointed with it. It sucked well, but within minutes the plastic piece at the top, the one responsible for making the airflow rotate got clogged up with fur and the suction went down dramatically. Emptying the dust cup was the worst part of it, it made a horrible mess all over the place. I suffered with that vacuum for a couple years and recently decided that my time was worth more than putting up with that crap. I started looking around Amazon for vacuums with the best reviews. Dysons, Hoovers, Eurekas etc, but the vacuum that caught my attention the most was the older white Shark Navigator Professional Lift-Away.

What caught my attention was how (extremely surprisingly!) high the reviews were. I was honestly not expecting it, especially after having my thoughts on the brand. I read the reviews, and then read them some more and after about a week I finally decided to give it a shot. Now at this point I have already gone to a store to see the Navigator Pro in person and was honestly not too horribly impressed by how it looked or felt. It looked like it was made out of PVC sewage pipes and it wobbled from side to side as if it was about to fall apart (though I am wondering if that was just because it was a display unit and was dropped one too many times).

Either way, moving on to this Rotator vacuum – about a day before I was planning on going out to buy the Navigator Pro I accidentally stumbled upon this new model thanks to the search suggestions on Amazon. Since Bed Bath and Beyond usually carries all the latest Shark products I drove over to one that was close to me and not surprisingly there it was. Cool thing about the BB&B stores is that the vacuums all have outlets next to them so you can actually plug them in to see how they work. I plugged this one in to play around with it a bit and my surprises started. First, it felt surprisingly very solid – none of that weird wobbling that I experienced with the Navigator Pro. Second, lets be honest here, this thing is damn pretty!

So then, supposed 5 year warranty, plus being able to return it if I didn’t like it, plus having a 20% off BB&B coupon (which you can easily get anywhere) – why the hell not! I bought it. With the coupon + taxes it came out to being around $215, not too bad at all.

Also slightly off topic, but while I was playing with this vacuum, I also had a chance to check out Dyson’s latest pink-ish purple DC41 Animal Complete and while it is gorgeous, and seems to suck well, I just can’t justify the 650 dollar price tag. I’m sure it’s good, but I honestly can’t imagine it sucks up 3x more crap to justify the 3x higher price!

Of course as soon as I got home and squealing like a little girl I unpacked the vacuum, quickly assembled it (assembly didn’t even take a minute) and started vacuuming.


- It sucks up dirt and pet hair amazingly well! We currently have 8 cats (don’t worry, 4 of them we’re juts temporarily fostering (does anyone want to adopt an annoying Norwegian Forest Cat? (seriously))) and so as you can imagine there is plenty of fur all over the carpets every day. I vacuumed with the old Bisell vacuum just the day before and as soon as I started the Shark completely filled up with dust and hair. wow…

- Even while the dust container is completely packed full, it doesn’t seem to loose any suction and keeps on collecting crap and packing it in somehow.

- It is pretty light. I I think if you’re upgrading from just about any older vacuum you’ll be pretty surprised by how light this one is.

- The Premium Power Brush (more about it in a minute) works amazingly well. Most of our cats sleep in bed with us and so every morning there is a ton of cat hair all over the sheets. I can collect 100% of it within a minute using this brush. Very very happy. The old Bissell came with a similar brush but it didn’t work for s*** on the exact same bed/fur.

- When the spinning brush in the base is turned off (love that you can turn it off manually + it turns off automatically when the vacuum is upright) it collects things off of hard floors without much of a problem (ie spilled cat food, litter etc). And the Straight Suction Nozzle that comes along with this vacuum picks everything up even better. We have the litter box in the bathroom and every morning there is a bunch of litter spilled all over the place – I can now collect it all within seconds.

- The vacuum is very quiet compared to my old one. In fact it’s so good when it comes to the noise that half of our cats which used to run the moment the old vacuum was turned on in the same room, now half the time don’t even bother getting up. One foster cat even chases after it while it’s on.

- The car detailing kit that came with the vacuum works very well too.

- The “caddy” works as advertised too. Rolls around right after you essentially turning the vacuum from an upright, into a canister vacuum. It looked quite gimmicky at first but to my surprise I’m using it every single day.

- Like all the Dyson vacuums, emptying this one is wonderful – since you can dump everything right from the bottom of the cup straight to the trash everything around you stays clean.
- The air blowing out of the vacuum seriously smells fresh! This vacuum has 3 filters in it, and it looks like all the visible dust stops at the very first washable foam filter, before the second fabric filter and long before the final HEPA filter. I’m yet to see a spec of dust even on the second filter.


- The vacuum is quite light so when you’re using any of the tools when you pull too much on the hose the vacuum can easily topple over. With that said when it’s on the caddy it becomes a lot more stable so what I now do is first I vacuum everything for which I would need to tools – ie the bed, bathroom, kitchen floor etc, and then for the rest of the apartment I stick the vacuum back on the base and vacuum all the carpets – and with how well the vacuum sucks the whole apartment takes me barely 15 minutes to vacuum with the floors looking spotless afterwards.

- Maybe it’s because both me and my fiancee have relatively long hair, but the spinning brushes in both the base and the power brush get a ton of hair stuck on them. Its not at all hard to remove (takes a few seconds with small pointy scissors) but it is a bit annoying. All I do see is the is our long hair, no cat hair, so I’m assuming if you don’t have too long of hair yourself this won’t be much a problem.

- The lights on the front of the vacuum could be brighter. Not to say they’re overly dim, but I’ve seen LEDs a hundred times brighter than the ones used. These just look gimmicky and as if they were stuck on last minute ust for the sake of going “LOOK LOOK LOOK it HAS LED LIGHTS!!!!” – i.e. think most new cars these days…

- The flexible hose is honestly pretty stiff and not very stretchy – and this leads to the vacuum tending to topple over at the slightest pull. I really hope it’s like this only because it’s still new…

- The “rubberised” crevice tool while, like advertised, is pretty flexible (aka the end wobbles from side to side) but I feel like it’s more annoying when you’re trying to suck up something from a corner and the the tip keeps on getting bent in random directions.

Of course if I notice any more flaws I will keep updating this review. But finally I want to move on to the last very important bit with this vacuum. There is actually 5 different variations of it. The NV500, NV501, NV502, NV503 and NV500W. In all 5 variants the actual vacuum is the same but they come with different accessories.

NV500W – Infomercial/Shark’s website – $199
Dusting Brush, 11″ Crevice tool, Premium Power Brush, S3251 Steam Mop

NV500 – Walmart – supposed to be $229, but right now it’s being sold at $249
Multi Tool, 18″ Flexi Crevice tool, Canister Caddy, Straight Suction Nozzle, Standard Power Brush

NV501 – General Distribution – Kohl’s, Macy’s, Sears, Lowe’s etc – $229- $249
Multi Tool, 18″ Flexi Crevice, Canister Caddy, Straight Suction Nozzle, Premium Power Brush, Multi-Angle Dusting Brush

NV502 – Bed, Bath and Beyond – $249
Multi Tool, 18″ Flexi Crevice, Canister Caddy, Straight Suction Nozzle, Premium Power Brush, Car Detail Kit

NV503 – Target – $219 – This one is supposed to be blue (only the vacuum, accessories are still red) but weirdly I’ve not once seen one in person and Target itself advertises only the red model. Also from what I’ve seen in reality Target is selling the NV501 for $249.
Multi Tool, 18″ Flexi Crevice, Dust-Away w/pad, Standard Power Brush

My feelings on the different packages are these;

With the NV500W, the only extra you get is the Steam Mop which in all honesty is not even all that good based on a lot of the reviews I have seen. If it’s the steam mop you’re after with this offer, you can find a much much better one. On top of that the tools included with this model are compete crap.

With the NV500 you get a crappy standard power brush instead of the premium power brush included into the other packages and since in reality it’s being sold for 249 instead of the 229 it’s supposed to be sold for, this is probably the worst package of all.

The NV503 – Between this package not actually begin found anywhere and Target instead selling the selling the NV501 for $249… yeah…

So your best two options are either the NV501 or the NV502. If you have get the NV502 at Bed Bath and Beyond, you can save $50 dollars using the 20% off (in store) coupons which you can easily find everywhere. With the BBB one you get a car detailing kit which works great, and with the other one you get a dusting brush which people seem to love too.

At the time of writing this review I’ve been using this vacuum for about a week and I’m quite trilled with it. If you have any questions, please ask and I’ll try to answer them.


*** 8 Month Update ***

I’ve been using this vacuum daily for 8 months now and I think it’s a pretty safe to say that I probably put as much usage on it as most people will in 3-4 years.

First, the good stuff; when it comes to the suction, noise, etc, it’s still as great as it was on day one. No signs that anything will happen to it any time soon.

Now, a few problems which are forcing me to knock it down to 4 stars from 5.

- In my original review I mentioned that the hose was pretty stiff but that I was hoping it was that way just because it was new… As I said, I’ve been using the vacuum daily, hose included, and it’s still just as stiff as it was. I can’t even begin to count how many times I slightly pulled on it only to have the vacuum topple over and hit me on the leg, or on the back if I’m sitting on the floor while vacuuming something with a brush.

- Premium Power Brush. While it collects hair very very well, it gets clogged up way too easily. Unfortunately cleaning it out isn’t he easiest nor the quickest task in the world. I spent so much time on cleaning the brush instead of cleaning with the brush that I have all but given up using it resorting to just collecting hair with the multi-tool which works almost as well.

- The flexible piece of plastic on the back of the handle that sat under the hose ended up breaking off. It was flimsy to begin with and all the toppling over dozens of times didn’t help it.

- All the plastic parts in the vacuum are starting to squeak quite a bit, just as they were squeaking in the Navigator Pro that had me worried before I bought this one. The vacuum still feels solid, but the plastic squeaking does definitely get very annoying.

So to summarize, it is a good vacuum, it honestly is, but I really don’t feel like as much thought and effort went into it as should have. It works well, but it just doesn’t have the same level of fit and finish as say a Dyson. Think of it this way, comparing this vacuum to something like a Dyson DC41 AC or DC50, is like comparing a fully loaded Toyota Camry to a similarly equipped BMW 5 Series. Both cars will get you to your destination, both will do a perfectly acceptable job, but at the end of the day, if you can afford it you’re just going to feel better in the BMW – it will be more comfortable, it will look nicer, it will drive better etc – but at the same time yes it will cost you 2x more.

If I can’t afford it, no, not a chance in hell would I get a Dyson. However you spin it it’s stupid to spend 600 dollars on a vacuum if you have to be making payments on it. The Shark may not be as good, but lets be completely honest here, it will do 99% of the job perfectly well and especially if you’re upgrading from a crappier older vacuum, one way or another you’ll still be thrilled. But if money is not an issue, if I can just pay for it without thinking twice, honestly, chances are I would get a Dyson…


Best vacuum I’ve ever had the pleasure of using! (By Gecko Girl)

After reading reviews for the Dyson and Shark Rotator for weeks I went with the Rotator, more specifically the NV502 model found at Bed Bath & Beyond. It was a CINCH to assemble and I was able to use it not more than 5 minutes after opening the box. The suction on this thing is AMAZING, it practically propels itself when on the vacuum base. It’s cut my vacuuming time to 1/4 of the time it took with my commercial Royal vacuum! I also own a small cleaning service with a handful of weekly accounts and its made my accounts so much easier to clean, my clients are AMAZED by how much nastiness gets pulled from their carpets (as am I).

So glad I read the review left by Michael Flux as he really did a thorough job explaining all the different models and accessories they include. I have yet to use the car cleaning kit but will soon.

I suggest anyone looking to buy this vacuum to get it at Bed Bath & Beyond, for a couple reasons. One, you get more accessories with the NV502 (sold exclusively at BB&B). Two, should anything go wrong with the vac you can return it directly to the store and avoid any shipping hassles. Finally, three, this is one of the few higher priced items at BB&B that’s eligible for the 20% off discount coupons! Another plus, should you have a BB&B 20% off coupon that you’d received in the mail and is expired, you can still use it at any BB&B retail location, no matter how long ago it expired! This does not apply to emailed coupons, coupons with the 10or20% off discounts or the $5 off coupons. Only the regular 20% off coupons may be used after the expiration date. If you have any questions about an expired coupon just call your local BB&B before going and they’ll be happy to assist you (& no I don’t work there, I just love the store!).

Good luck with whatever vac you decide to purchase and please leave a review so others can learn or benefit from your experience.

Time will tell (By DA)

Like most, I was reluctant to buy this vacuum due to the Shark brand and how heavily they’re pushed on infomercials. But after using the vac there are a lot of things I like about it. However, all the good things that I like are waging a battle in my brain with how damn ugly and cheap this thing looks. The pictures don’t translate how bad the shiny red and silver chrome “plating” is. Oh well, at least it performs.

Like a few others, I bought the Dyson DC41 to compare. I bought the Dyson the same day, opened it up and literally used it right next to the Shark. I went around the entire house and did parallel sweeps of all the large areas to get equal samples. I spent the same amount of time and went the same amount of distance with each. I then emptied each bin onto separate paper towels to see which vac picked up the most. Not horribly scientific but it worked. The most shocking thing was how dirty our carpet was. The second most shocking thing was that there was big difference in the piles from each vac. I really, really wanted the Dyson to win. Like I said the Shark is so damn ugly it deserves to lose. Not only does the Dyson look cooler but I was believing the hype about how much engineering went into their vacs. Lots of expensive engineering should win, right? But unfortunately the Shark picked up at least twice as much fuzz and dirt as the Dyson. This is our first bagless vac so just seeing proof that you’re pulling stuff out of the carpet that you would ordinarily wouldn’t see is kind of satisfying in itself (even though I don’t know how anyone can call bagless vacs more hygienic since there’s probably a dust storm when you drop your load in the trash)

Our old vac is a Hoover Windtunnel bought thanks to CR’s advice. The cord was short and it’s very loud.

I think it may have vacuumed well but since it’s bagged you don’t really get the same satisfying feedback and assume it’s not picking up much. Plus it was starting to stink. The Hoover would also shoot nuggets all over the place when vacuuming the wood floors since you couldn’t turn off the brushroll/bar. This is another thing I tested with both the Dyson and Shark, whether or not they picked up large objects on flat floors. The Shark won again. The Dyson (due its much touted self-adjusting cleaner head) just pushed the bigger stuff around, the Shark got everything. The Shark has a fixed cleaner head height too. The Shark seemed like it did best on the deep pile of our area rug than the relatively short carpet we have but it also passed our hardwood floor test.

-Easy to assemble
-It’s relatively quiet, not whisper-quiet but much better than our Hoover
-Brushroll is easy to clean, the hair tends to collect in the center – big points for that
-You can turn off the brushroll
-There’s window for the brushroll
-There are 2 light to indicate if the brushroll is on or off, one on the button, one by the brushroll
-Picks up big chunks on hardwood floors and doesn’t spit them everywhere
-Filters are easily visible, right in your face when you go to empty the bin, so you know when they need to be cleaned
-Reclines and sits up easily, the Dyson is a b*tch when it comes to this
-There’s a crude but effective suction adjustment just below the handle
-There’s a “cord hook” on the neck so if you don’t want the cord dangling down by the attachment
-Easy to empty
-Cord is long enough, even though the Dyson’s was longer by a few feet
-The vacuum is easy enough to maneuver and gets under most of the furniture we have
-You can convert it into 3 different vacuums pretty easily
-When you sit the vac upright the brushroll automagically turns off, making things quieter
-The cleaner head is narrow. This seems both good and bad, good because it concentrates the suction area but bad in that it would take longer to vacuum. The Dyson’s is 12″, the Shark’s 9.5″
-Exhausts the (hot) air out the front, the Dyson sends blazing hot air at your legs. I thought the Shark’s air was cool or nonexistant until I stuck my hand in front of the HEPA filter where it is on the warm side
-I don’t know what the Complete-Seal is they talk about but the vacuum does have 4 filters (more or less): a dust screen, a foam filter, a felt filter that looks like a thin scrub brush and a HEPA filter that looks like a HEPA filter.

-It’s ugly
-It looks cheap
-The cord release seems loose, there’s a screw you can turn but it doesn’t seem to help
-The lights are poor, they’re too focused and bright, not diffused enough
-Not super light-weight, though this may actually be a Pro since more weight on the front probably helps the vac suck better
-Tools are attached by friction. Dyson’s for the most part use a locking system
-The Power Brush seems like a weak link. When you use full suction it almost sounds too powerful. When I looked inside it looked a little sketchy, the brushroll in the Power Brush is vacuum/belt driven and difficult to clean hair out of. It seemed to clean pretty well but the belt is tiny and looks fragile and after one set of stairs there was already gunk built up in the vacuum wheel that drives the belt.

If Shark wanted to have a red shiny metal coating on their vacuum they could have at least went with an anodized finish. It probably would make the vacuum cost $15 more and it would get scratched every time you used it but at least it would look better and solve all my gripes about this thing. So far they get plenty of points for engineering and design but almost as many negative points for material selection. There might be other bagless vacs out there that pull more than the Shark but at least I can return the Dyson now and hope the Shark lasts at least to the end of its warranty.

UPDATE 07/31/2013:

The foam filter has started to rip in 2 places. I believe this is the 2nd filter after the dustbin, so right before the HEPA. It’s good that the foam filter has been catching a lot of dust and dirt instead that stuff heading straight for the HEPA. Ideally the dust/dirt would have stayed in the dustbin as designed. The manual recommends to tap-clean the filter between washes which should happen every 3 months. Our carpets were very dirty when we bought the vac so we probably put 4-6 weeks worth of vacuuming into 2 weeks, because of this we hand washed the filters with plain cold water 2 times in between vacuuming. The filter seems to get filled up by the finer, heavier dirt. We’ve been pretty conservative about emptying the dustbin so it’s definitely not an overflow problem. I contacted customer service and they said it’s $12.95 +S&H/Tax, so probably $20 for a new filter. It’s not covered by the warranty since it’s considered normal wear and tear. If the hand washing we did was the cause of the two 1″ rips then I guess you can expect the filters to tear after 9 months. So far I haven’t found them on Amazon or anywhere else online.

Otherwise we like the vacuum. Surprisingly CR’s ratings are right on. Except for maybe the pethair since we don’t have pets. One of our family members has long hair and as typical it does get wrapped around the brushroll. It’s fairly painless to pull out and it doesn’t look like it collects anywhere that it can build up and cause a jam in the brushroll. Another surprising thing is that the vac does a pretty good job getting stuff at the edges but at the same time it doesn’t suck up random stuff like the cord or clothes lying around, it’s crazy.

We lowered our review from 4 stars down to 3 due to the filter.

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Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum

$214.69(4 customer reviews)

  • Pet Hair Pick-Up
  • Cleaning Path Width: 13.5 “
  • Multi-Surface – Adjusts to 5 height levels.
  • 27′ Power Cord
  • Cord Rewind

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Hoover WindTunnel 3 Pro Pet Bagless Upright Vacuum Customer Reviews

… this vacuum for a month now and am very pleased. It was easy to assemble and so far (By Mother of two)

Had this vacuum for a month now and am very pleased. It was easy to assemble and so far, has worked great. I especially love the retractable cord. It converts from "push" to "hose" mode super easily also- one snap and it’s done. SO much easier than my last vacuum. The filter rinses easily and the container is easy to dump. I do not have any pets, but I have long hair myself and it would clog previous vacuums. No problems so far. The only thing I would change is the weight- it is a bit heavy for a weakling like me to carry upstairs, but I have to admit that the previous vacuums that I had were lighter, but did not pick up nearly as much dirt and dust. If I saw a good price, I would consider getting a second one to keep upstairs to solve this. I have to vacuum one of the upstairs bedrooms on my hands and knees using just the hose attachment because the carpeting is super thick and plush. Super comfortable and warm in the winter, but a massive pain to take care of. This is the only vacuum I have ever had that I can use the "push" mode on and it can handle the job. Love that!

Sometimes Heavy is Good (By tybeegirl)

I purchased this vacuum from Target. I could not find it in stock at the time so I looked for it locally. This is not a light weight vacuum. What it IS, is a powerful vacuum that does a great job. My 3 year old carpet, which I had cleaned a year ago, was looking really tired. I did not know how poorly my old vac had been doing until I bought this one. The first time I used it, it pulled so much carpet fuzz that should have been long gone. Other than the 17 pound weight of it, the other caution is the rinseable filter. I LOVE that it has a rinseable filter, but I don’t love the fact that it has taken so long to dry. The care manual DOES say it takes 24-48 hours to thoroughly dry. I just ordered a spare (part #303903001) and I recommend you do the same up front or you may find yourself mid-job unable to finish. In the future I’ll just pop in the spare.

Good on pet hair and dander (By Madart)

I bought this vacuum in Mexico City’s Costco as I am currently living here.
I always review all of my amazon purchases,
In this case I had to log in and tell
anyone who is currently thinking of buying this vacuum to rest assured and do it.
I have 2 Yorkies who don’t shed but as with any pet there is the issue of
pet dander and let me tell you this vacuum is powerful, not lightweight but
not too heavy and much less expensive than other so called pet vacuums.
I’ve only been using it for a month at least twice a week and no problems
at all. You should empty it after each use as manufacturer recommends.
I’m sure you’ll be happy with it.

Worked great for 4 months with light usage (only for vacuuming … (By M. JOHNSON)

Worked great for 4 months with light usage (only for vacuuming rugs and 1 bedroom). Now works for about 30 seconds and shuts off.

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